Thursday, August 28, 2014

we need to talk

fast brutal yet catchy melodic male female trade off vocals we need to talk 7''


dissent and turbokrieg two fast crust bands. dissent has a raw evil feel and turbokrieg has a power metal mixed in their grindy short songs dissent

mrtva budoucnost

fast crusty hardcore like mob 47 mixed with grind mrtva budoucnost

ulrikes dream

dirty grind with angry and rowdy anti authority lyrics
ulrikes dream 7''

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

dearbornss dearborn

90s Chicago style hc. brutal fast and to the point. 7''

margeret thrasher kohosh krigshot porkeria

an all female ( I think) hc band from Canada. great music and great lyrics about rape, friendship and personal stuff like that, very passionate. you just gotta check it out yourself to know what I mean or find your own meaning. 7''
melodic peace punk with cello, kinda dark and crusty . imagine ballast with a not as good singer but really trying. 12''
brutal kang core, mob 47 worship 7''
rio grande valley hc punk, mix uk82 and 90s American crust punk with lyrics In Spanish 12''

Saturday, May 17, 2014

abortti 13 envy code 13 fronterrorismo

abortti 13 finland punk 7'' 
envy japan hc emo punk ambient something else band split 10''
code 13 Minneapolis fast core,hxc politico punks a part of america died today 7''
down to agony tragedy style dbeat from spain 7''
fronterrorismo l.a. hc in Spanish female singer political lyrics 7''
biocidio grind hxc from phoenix 7''