Wednesday, March 18, 2009

insane metal from tucson, arizona, u$a

i cant scan the cover with no scanner but his is a tour cd anyway so all the cover is is their name and a cool picture and their website they are a 3 peice who sing about the earth but dont take my word for it just contact them. they played in my town on march 17, 2009 and they were the nicest fellas. diy metal. heavy and crushing with great leads that don't sound wanky at all. 4 songs and no track list sorry. the cd is great though it doesnt come close to capturing how heavy these guys sound live. this is the first rar i made myself i just right clicked and clicked send to zip folder and an rar was made. at least i think cuz the mediafire site has it listed as zip. let me know if it works cuz i am still just figuring how this stuff works. i ripped the songs using windows media player that came with my computer. mp3 320kbits
ray ss
ok so i did some research and what i did was wrong you right click and then select add to " your file" rar
so here is the new link for the rar

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