Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 great records

assuck - state to state 7'' st. petersburg,fl,usa 1991
downloaded this on am i mean i think
anyway here is my rip and scans
grindy crusty hardcore and spoken word

beastie boys - electric worm 7'' 2007 ny,ny,usa
who doent love the beastie boys

dirt - scent of the kill 7'' london,england 1994
i love dirt old 80s anarcho punk sounding just as amazing after reforming in the 90s though they are long gone again i think wouldve been cool to see em in america with hellkrusher

red thread - st 7'' somerville,mass.,usa 2008
all girl punk band, black flagish hardcore with originality thats hard to describe they got a music style all their own really
they played at my house, nice folks.

whorehouse of representatives - its a corporate world after all 7'' seattle,wa,usa 1994
political punk classic with female vocals

enjoy, i know i am.
ray ss

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