Wednesday, January 13, 2010

systems more noise for life frigora diskonto groinchurn

ok this blog dont look as good as others but sound for sound i say yes sir i do like it.

systems - 2009 - the desert cdr carrboro,charlotte,nc,usa

this band plays emotive crust hardcore this cd is limited so i put it here my band got to play with em when they passed through town recently, great

more noise for life - 1997 - punk is not only fun 7'' tokyo, japan
blistering hardcore noisey and fast

groinchurn - 1998 - already dead 3'' cd vereeniging,south africa
brutal grind metal
i think the pope already posted this but i was listening to it recently so here ya go.

frigora - 1995 (kawasaki,kanagawa,japan) - diskonto (uppsala, sweden) split 7''
frigora blast through the best swedish inspired hardcore and diskonto come in a close second with discharge influenced noise not music

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