Friday, January 22, 2010

voco protesta violent headache excreted alive senseless apocalypse

voco protesta - 2004 - rezisti au morti 7'' tokyo,japan
noise punk like defector and gloom but sung in italian

violent headache - 1997 barna,spain - excreted alive (sevilla,spain) split 7''
two spanish crusty hardcore bands

senseless apocalypse - 1996 shizuoka,japan - gore beyond necropsy split 7''
two noise grind bands from japan

kontrovers - 2001 - st cd sweden
swedish crust epic emotional super catchy

ok if you are in a band and are worried about people stealing your music you have nothing to fear here, most of my uploads are downloaded only once or twice, the most is 8 times.


mikxxx said...

hey mam, you do a wonderful job..
i'll add you to my blog

if you wish do the same

rayss said...

thanks yeah ill add a link
ray ss

Anonymous said...

Voco Protesta is not in Italian. It's in Esperanto