Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one of these things is not like the other

hey 4 records and 3 have something in common and 1 is not like the others. first to comment and tell which is not like the others and why will get a record sent to her. what record, i dont know its a suprise but its free.

blood of others - unthinkable thought 7'' australia 2000
fast hardcore with a bit of melody

discarga - st 7'' brazil 2000
fast fierce hardcore in portuguese with english explanations

farcical - st 7'' sweden
dont know what year this came out, late 90s or early 2000s
doomy hc with some new school influences varied sound styles ranging from late 80s ny to almost mid 2000s slow crust

narsaak - prasina 7'' germany 2007
90s german hc back to attack i love the early stuff thats heavy swedish crust like state of fear this time there is some rocknroll like motorhead mixed in but still good

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 things

condenada - st 7'' chicago,il,usa 2006
great all female hardcore punk

firing squad - demo tape austin,tx,usa 2009
saw em open for hellbastard lucky ducks distorted bass and drums with growled screeched vocals crusty and doomy

subsanity - human is shit 7'' pauls valley,ok,usa 1997
great death metal crust on sum records run by brother inferior

transient (portland,or,usa) - sale sangre (albuquerque,nm,usa) split 7'' 2008
transient are crusty growly grind metal with a girl singer
sale sangre are messy death metal with two names, sale sangre in mexico and manias in america

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 great records
assuck - state to state 7'' st. petersburg,fl,usa 1991
downloaded this on am i mean i think
anyway here is my rip and scans
grindy crusty hardcore and spoken word
beastie boys - electric worm 7'' 2007 ny,ny,usa
who doent love the beastie boys
dirt - scent of the kill 7'' london,england 1994
i love dirt old 80s anarcho punk sounding just as amazing after reforming in the 90s though they are long gone again i think wouldve been cool to see em in america with hellkrusher
red thread - st 7'' somerville,mass.,usa 2008
all girl punk band, black flagish hardcore with originality thats hard to describe they got a music style all their own really
they played at my house, nice folks.
whorehouse of representatives - its a corporate world after all 7'' seattle,wa,usa 1994
political punk classic with female vocals

enjoy, i know i am.
ray ss

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cave canem - fractura split 7'' germany

cave canem - fractura split 7'' germany

both bands are from germany
cave canem have a heavy scandinavian sound that reminds me of state of fear
fractura have a fast pace crust sound that reminds me of 90s bands.

this is a record that i downloaded on a blog i cannot remember which.
i liked it so much i bought it.
i found it at
i think they still got some
this is my rip and me scans
i got all the inside but the front is kinda cut off since it is one long picture and didnt fit on my scanner.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

caulfield - demo 2008 ca,usa

caulfield - demo 2008 ca,usa my cd

caulfield is a great band from north california, sacramento area, blending tragedy crust with some newschool hardcore elements.
i got this demo and riped it cuz its so cool.
then i find out they are coming through my town so i contact em and set up the show for them.
they were super nice and great to see live.
this is the first version of this demo.
they rerecorded it with a lineup change.
i got the 2nd version and will upload it someday.