Sunday, February 21, 2010

destroy power not people 7" submachine - sex deterrant 7" revolt - brutally familiar 7

va - destroy power not people 7'' 1995
buncha great bands, total hardcore. this label is wierd, total bootleggers. i bought it so thats why they get away with it, sorry.

submachine - 1993 - sex deterrant 7'' pittsburgh,pa
good old hcpunk

submachine - 1991 - mindless device 7'' pittsburgh,pa
this band takes me back to when drunkpunk,crust pogo whatever was all mixed together.

revolt - 1994 - brutally familiar 7'' ct,usa
crusty political hc

hellshock - 2005 - warlord 7'' portland,or,usa
and now back to the future with metal punk made by fools older than i

Friday, February 19, 2010

yeastie girlz - 1988 - ovary action 7'' berkeley,ca,usa

i heard a song many moons ago and wanted to find more finally thanks to the internet i found a copy for sale in a distro/record story in the used section of course but when i ordered it it was sold, that happened twice, i finally found it on ebay. i bust it out once in a while cuz its the bomb but hard to find i guess so here, a fortune for you.
femmenist acapella rap. i wish i knew to make some beats and make my own versions of these songs with music for the vocals.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

va - destroying southern tradition 7'' 1997

va - destroying southern tradition 7'' 1997
this ones for the pope cuz i know he loves 7'' comps. 4 bands representing the south, deathreat damad suppression equity. equity is the only band i dont know more about. the rest should be common knowledge if theyre not its time you learned.
took off the link sorry, not sure whats going on but i got a notice of copyright violation.
ray ss

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the drapes the seed of the next season

va - the seed of the next season cd 1999
this is just a kick booty comp so dl it or not i don't care

d - the drapes - 1997 - auxiliary cd chicago,il,usa
i saw this band on my 20th bday in 2002 they didnt play any of these songs, the songs they played were 100 times better but this was all they had and its good enough anyway, it was a good night all around, not a good bday but you can't have everything.
its like dirty rocknroll bar music.