Wednesday, June 30, 2010

gouka mankind final warning dirt seein red the now denial react

gouka - 1996 - daston split 7'' japan
this is for 7inch crust blog. two crusty hardcore bands from japan.

mankind - 2000ish ct,usa - final warning (ny,ny,usa) split 7''
dont remember the exact year it came out, it was supposed to be released years earlier but got delayed to usual stuff like no money and time. mankind is hardcore punk, final warning got a heavier crusty thing going on.

dirt - 1995 - london,england - mankind (ct,usa) split 7''
this was released after the two bands toured together i think. both bands do fast catchy punk. stacy from mankind went on to sing for dirt when deno quit right before a tour.

mankind - 1990something - won't you join the army now... 7'' ct,usa
i ripped this mankind for a friend who asked if i could make a tape of mankind, i figured i might as well rip em and put em on here while i was at it. fast anarcho hxcpunk.

seein red - 2001 netherlands - the now denial (germany) split 7''
seein red with stripped down fastcore and the now denial with a crusty hxc.

react -2000ish - lp 1999ish and 7''1998 cd
dont remember when this cd came out but its great to have this on cd cuz i can't play my vinyl in my car. this is super catchy heavy dual vocaled crust crust crust. ex deformed conscience and more.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


snifter - mixed shit 1994 - 1996 tape side b
snifter - mixed shit 1994 - 1996 tape side a
snifter is some raw heavy crust, i love this band. i got this tape from catchphraze, i have seen it
in other distros in czech rep or croatia or poland, not sure where it came out originally, i think the original had a different insert so if you have the european version please scan the insert, the catchphraze insert gets a bit off on the tracklist toward the end but i dont know if i corrected it.
any way comment with some info, scans and a good review of snifter.

makara positive negative detestation remains of the day

makara - 1997 - st 7'' cupertino,ca,usa
i dont have the insert that goes with this, if you can scan it andsend it my may i will be happy. i ripped it on 33rpm, it sounds good to me but i could be wrong, this band plays hxc punk mixed iwth melody and newschool hc elements.
instead of leaving a comment you should write your own review. i am bad at these.

positive negative - 1998 tampere,finland - detestation split 7"
positive negative got kaaos and riistetyt members doing 90s style crusty punk, fast hard and good lyrics.
detestation doing more american crust, fast catchy and goodlyrics.

remains of the day - 2000 - st 7'' portland,or,usa
fast and crusty and slow melodic and crusty with good lyrics. this is good and their two full lengths are even better, try

abuso sonoro detestation last match switchblade

abuso sonoro - 1997 sao paulo,brazil - detestation (portland,or,usa) split 7''
two old faves playing political punk

last match - 1998 - switchblade split 7'' stockholm,sweden
two bands playing modern hxc with a definite early 80s american hxc influence

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the brat from east l.a.

the brat was a band from east l.a. who play midpaced melodic punk sometimes going into hardcore territory, very inovative for the time, i first heard em while tape trading with the great katz, we were discussing bands with girls in them and he put the brat on the tape and i fell in love and asked him for more info and included a little history in my first zine, there wasn't much knowledge to be found since they were shortlived but they got back together a few years ago and a cd is being released with their lp and unreleased stuff.
ill post the lp someday, i still only got it on the tape katz made me and a photocopy of a poloroid for the cover art.
heres a lowrider issue they got an interview in.
lowrider the brat

Friday, June 18, 2010

bacteria last mile momido7 ss20 kobayashi

bacteria - 2000ish - fucking chaos 7'' england,japan
got the songs from slsk a while back was looking for info recently and only found a comment by takeshi from cfdl about selling some but it was few years old, this band plays noisey hardcore and was from 1992 in england with takeshi singing while he was there visiting
any scans of this and the actual year it came out would be appreciated

momido 7 - 1990 germany - ss - 20 (france) split 7''
both bands play mid paced to fast punk rock catchy and strong

l - the last mile - 2003 - designed to compensate the lack of intrinsic motivation 7" netherlands
rough, gruff, fast and slow hc with some pretty parts but mostly pounding hc good political and thoughtful lyrics

kobayashi - 2000 - tote stadt gibt es genug 7'' bremen,germany
catchy punk with melody fast to mid paced with heartfelt singing. its on skuld so you can't go wrong, just download it and leave a comment please.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

apatia no rash suffer lost cherrees

apatia no - 2001 venezuela - rash (guadalupe,n.l.,mexico) split 7'
both bands do political hc punk

suffer - 1998 - st(forestofspears)7'' bradford,uk
this one says forest of spears on the inside so i called it that but don;t know if its the real title.
fast crusty hc from ex health hazard

suffer - 1995 - st (onestepcloser)7'' bradford,uk
one step closer is the first song but i think its st anyway here you go with political personal thoughtful hardcore thrash.

lost cherrees - 2003 - another bite of the cherrees 7''
this is the first release when they got back together, the label was new too and seemed to be gearing up a great schedule of releases but i dont know what happened to it soon after, i waited for this to come out and even got the limited edition with transparancy covers, dont know what the regular version looks like, the music is but slicker streetpunkish but still melodic and catchy, lost cherrees all the way. i hope they are still active, i am not too up to date.

kuruma bakudan fet mule another reason

kuruma bakudan - 1998 - st 7'' france
members of coche bomba doing more wierd punk and grind
you might be able to find one at

fet mule - 1998 - vagra leva pa kna 7'' sweden
melodic mid paced punk kinda 77 but with modern pop and hxc mixed in

another reason - 1999 - take control 7'' sweden
early 90s sounding fast hxc in the straight edge scene, good and fast with good lyrics. gang choruses here and there but no kungfu metal crap

robo trumble the swarm a.k.a knee deep in the dead

robo trumble 2009ish rehearsal san anto,tx,usa
this is a two piece brother and sister making noise in my room many times but i only recorded it once, they play their own garage punk tunes and plenty of covers their way.

s - the swarm a.ka. knee deep in the dead - 2000 - old blue eyes is dead 7''
from canada with ex left for dead this kicks much booty with gruff rough hxc and some modern melodic and mosh stuff mixed in.