Friday, September 13, 2013

s bp c c

brook pridemore doing antifolk covers greatist antifolk hits cd
cease upon the capitol playing heavy atmospheric hardcore with tons of melody st or untitled i dont know cd

comrades doing 80s American hardcore except more pissed off with modern heaviness . this band is from Italy and I think the singer or someone is responsible for soa record which is a super duper punk diy hc label for many years no escape ep cd
systems from north Carolina sound like the epic parts of tragedy but quieter and still heavy and crusty. melodic, pretty sounding but dark. stuff like that

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

m j m p

the murderers sound like sex pistols I love it, the jerkoffs are fast and rough hc punk oi mixture
mg15 discharge style from the 80s from spain get back together for more brutality

parasites poppy punk from late 80s 2008 full length of songs about girls and stuff reminds me of ramones but softer and better than the queers poppy stuff but not the queers hc stuff that stuff rules