Friday, December 25, 2009

fudge christmas

kirous - 1999 (finland) - silna wola (poland) split 7''
kirous are a personal fave, they play noisy hc like 80s finland and crustwar japan
silna wola are also an old favorite, brutal crusty hc. i got more records by them i will post someday.

kirous - 1994 - st 7'' finland
some more great crazy noisy hardcore

caulfield - 2009 - tour cd north california,usa
the same dark crusty hardcore i posted earlier but in cd format i did pretty good serparating the tracks on the tape cuz this cd shows me i wasnt far off.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

more stuff

caulfield - 2009 - tour cassette north california,usa
dark dbeat hardcore this band is really good and really nice, they played my town recently.
the cassette is limited to 100 so i am posting it here so those not lucky enough to see em live can here it. check their webstie cuz they are still on tour.

flagitous indiosyncrasy in the dilapidation - 2008 (japan) - insect warfare (houston,tx,usa) split 7''
this came with an issue of short fast and loud
both bands rule with heavy tough metallic hardcore with blastbeats

genocide association - 1983 - sonik lobotomy tape boot 7''
tape was supposed to have 105 songs this 7'' dont.
band is great noisy hardcore. i separated the tracks as best i could. songs sometimes run together and the tracklist is written in such a way i had to guess what the title could be.

plasmid - 2005 - lust for power demo 84 7''
fast hardcore punk from the uk they never did more than a few recordings and never played live but this music is essential.
ok heres a new link incase the old one was messed up.

world burns to death - 2009 - war can go on forever 7'' austin,tx,usa
newist 7'' by these hardcore veterans. very hard to get cuz it was released on hgfact in japan. i dont know how to order from them cuz its all in japanese. lucky i was able to find one at they also got the split with blowback as does they were released to coincide with the world burns to death japan tour with blowback. if you have trouble finding it on vinyl let me know and i will see what i can do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

all good now, i hope

the glory stompers - 1994 - hey ralph cut here 7'' edmonton,alberta,canada
some old but not oldschool, 80s is oldschool 90s can be 100 years old but never oldschool. does that make sense. snoopdog is from 92 but no way is he old school rap. anyway this was a great 90s streetpunk, hardcore punk band so here you get 3 songs, one very uk 82 the other 2 more dischord influenced.

the rutto - ei paluuta 7'' 83 and ilmastoitu painajainen 7'' 84 boot 7'' finland
this is a bootleg that combines the first full 7'' with the second one sided 7'' onto one 7''. raw and simple 80s hardcore with members who also did time in terveet kadet and kuolema. the first 7'' has mid to fast pace and more punky 77 and the second is over the top fast and noise hardcore
i love this band and i hope others can tell me more info and stories about them cuz i just wrote all i know.

protest - 1984 - vinyl overload 7'' uk
a lot of bands have been called protest
i have a great demo of a malaysian band fromthe late 90s
i have a great 7'' from early 2000s from switzerland
and i am sure there are more i cant think of right now
this protest is a uk82 band from uk82 what you get is some real punk and i am happy to have this record.

los asesinos de la superficialidad - 2002 - manifesto 7'' netherlands
mid paced melodic modern hardcore with some indy rock influences i hope posting this make more people pick it up next time you come across it on a distro page or at your record store this website will point you in the right direction

Saturday, December 5, 2009

bags storm showering

storm the tower - 2002 - st 7'' austin,tx,usa
full on hardcore punk with some melodies a very thich sound this band started with 4 members then went down to three when the singer left and theguitar playertook over. the guitar player also plays drums in severed head of state and was in j church while lance hahn was living in austin,tx before he died. i am pretty sure this is sold out.

showering ashes - beauty at the price of vanity 7'' iowa city,ia,usa
really good emotive crust hardcore check out for some great releases but i think this is gone.

the bags - 2003 - disco's dead 7'' l.a.,ca,usa
one of the first u$a punk bands they and their freinds would make the first punk scene in l.a. before any of them were in bands after being inspired by england and new york watching bands like the damned and sex pistols and the ramones the bags, the germs, wierdos and many more were born. this is a demo take and two live songs, the bags only released one 7" and one or two comp tracks while they existed around 77-80 but dont quote me i am sure there is websited out there to give you better information, or read the interview in the scan, i should just read it again before posting wrong info but ohwell. this was brought to life thanks to and is sold out but you can still get an exact reissue of their 7".

Monday, November 30, 2009

some old stuff

union - 1992 - anaesthetized 7'' mjolby,sweden
hardcore punk with political lyrics as you can expect from the 90s might have a copy i saw it by coincidence
while browsing a few weeks back

serious drinking - 1984 - country girl became drugs and sex punk 7'' london,england
i read the name on jackets and punk historys but it took a few years to track down some
music. back when tape trading was still the primary music sharing i was able to find
someone who taped me their lp. all these years later i sill need to get that record but
i found this instead. good enough. music is punk,ska but not too ska. imagine a punkyer

serious drinking - 1983 - hangover 7'' london,england
this is my favorite off the revolutions starts at closing time lp so i was happy to find
it was also a single with lyrics cuz there were bits i couldn;t figure out.
i got another 7'' but will post it later or sooner if someone makes a special request.

nojsbojs - 1996 - propaganda frisyrer rocknroll komersialism 7'' sweden
short fast noisey hardcore

active minds - 1994 - the lunatics have taken over the asylum 7'' flexi n.yorks,england
this is in a few blogs but its cool anyway so i posted it too
simple catchy hardcore punk with strong political feelings

Saturday, November 28, 2009
check this out for some great hardcore and thrash
ray ss

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i shot cyrus, krigstanz, paindriver, streetcleaner, thrak

thrak - 2007 - st 7'' homer city,pa,usa
raging fast with some slow parts, short songs remind me of go!

streetcleaner - 2008 - mother curse 7'' austin,tx,usa
fast and short

paindriver - 1997 - the truth is all that matters 7'' cranston,ri,usa
an older release still might be able to get it from
if your lucky cuz they are sadly closing shop so don't hesitate
this is fast hardcore sounds grindy to me but they disagree

i shot cyrus - 2005 (sao paulo,sp,brazil) - kriegstanz (netherlands) split 7''
isc is amazingly heavy fast hc
k is dark and heavy

Monday, November 23, 2009

durga, ass end offend, dios hastio, septicemia

durga - 2002 - earn your redwings mormon 7'' san diego,ca,usa
this is bad ass heavy crusty hardcore
i cant find more info on the web except they got another 7''
anyone who knows more let me know cuz i wanna learn about this band

dios hastio - 2002 (peru) - septicemia (brazil) split 7''
dh is heavy grindy hc
septicemia is punky hc

ass end offend - 2003 - welcome to the discomfort zone 7'' missoula,mt,usa
rough screaming hc
moved to portland,or and changed name to squalora

Friday, November 20, 2009

besthoven and more

besthoven - 2008 (gama,df,brazil) - suburban showdown (dover,nh,usa) split 7''
besthoven hardcore punk with discharge influence
suburban showdown hardcore punk with 80s influence

chainbreaker - 2006 - monster split 7'' germany
cb play hcpunk with some newschool influence
monster play heavy hc with some rock pace to it

hrydjuverk - 2004 (iceland) - patient zero uk) split 7''
hrydjuverk play hcpunk ranging from simple hc like mob 47 to
melodic crust like those bands that are called neo crust
patient zero play heavy extra fast hc

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
this label has been around for years and released tons of great stuff from
new school hc to real hardcore and punk and they got a great distro
and cheap prices so go buy some stuff
so far everything i have gotten from this label kicks booty

no. 1

the gaia - 1994 - no. 1 7'' japan
thrashy hardcore

triac - 2004 - the karma payment plan split 7'' baltimore,md,usa
melody,crust,grind from bothbands but different

forca macabra - 2001 - ao vivo no japao 2001 7'' finland
80s brazil style hc made by dudes from finland

blindspot a.d. - 2003 (germany) - unholy grave (japan) split 7''
bad play solid hardcore with a bit of crust
unholy grave are metally grindy hc
takaho komatsu
#103 shouwa-sou 2-2001
kurosawa-dai. midori-ku. nagoya 458-0003

Saturday, November 14, 2009

adelitas from portland,or,usa

punk from portland with a singer from mexico who sings in spanish. music is fast and melodic with some slower parts mixing traditional mexican music. lyrics are about the ameican nightmare.
Adelit@s - Un Solo Grito 7" there are 500. get in touch if your interested
they also got a cd
and one of those websites blahblahblah/adelitaspunks

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

buy some of this stuff

some of this is in print ready for you to buy it from the bands and the labels

conflict - 1995 - live at centro iberico 7'' repress of 1982 on xntrix london,england
one of the best catchy and hard with well thought out lyrics

sl-27 - 2007 - st 7'' belgium
fast hc with some melodic parts that add to the sound making these songs amazing

the shining - 2006 - the word is fiction 7'' netherlands
fast thrashy hc

skrack - 2004 - red with anger split 7'' germany
skrack is heavy crusty hc
red with anger is mid paced crusty punk
red with anger
assel records

s.o.b. - 2009 - (japan) - brutal truth - 2009 (usa) split 7'' bootleg
sob is live recording with an english dude singing
sob is an amazing fast hc band one of the first to make grind
bt is sob covers

va - 1988 - welcome to albany 7'' albany,ny,usa
metalish choppy hc or soft fast hc 5 bands playing one of those styles
rips and scans all me except the poster i was too lazy to take a pic so i got it here

Monday, November 2, 2009


totuus - 2004 - kun kuolema on todellisuutta 7'' tampere,oulu,finland
80s fast hc like only the finnish can do

fight records

kismet hc (uk) - happy bastards (eugene,or,usa) split 7'' 2006
khc play fast hc
h b play melodic punk
this is still available from the bands and distros so go get it
happy bastards
kismet hc

wartorn (appleton,wi,usa) - los dolares (caracas,venezuela) split 7'' 2008

both bands play 90s style swedish crust like state of fear

this is still not too hard to find but disapearing quick

los dolares



subtracttozero - 2000 - st 7'' minneapolis,mn,usa

c/o pete yahnke

po box 582514
minneapolis,mn 55458-2514

unit - 2001 - giai phong 7'' london,england
80s sounding peace punk from mebers of the apostles and chinese youth center.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this is the title

anti mob

bait a new england band with in it crusty hc with a little industrial norway label put out the bait 7'' and more


death dust extractor

wat tyler
dont think they're around members in hard skin now
any address here is prolly out of date

antimob - st 7'' anthens,greece 2007
this is still easy to find in distros world wide so buy it
mid paced crust with melody

besthoven - visions of hell 7'' gama df, brazil 2008
discharge style punk

death dust extractor - slay your masters or slave in chains 7'' japan 2009
grindy hardcore gruff vocals

contravene - prison sells 7'' phoenix,az,usa 2003
classic peace punk

wat tyler - sexless 7'' london,england 1993
some uk peace punk mixed with stand up comedy

dont just listen to the music

i put scans so you can read lyrics not thanks list
also pay attention to contacts
go to the websites and emails you find on
the inserts
make friends with the bands or order their stuff
some have labels and distros
i am too lazy to type in links
i have uploaded this stuff
now its up to you to

fuck on the beach (japan) - matka teresa (amsterdam,nl) split 7'' 2002
grind grind grind crusty hc grind

huasipungo - tiempos de miseria y lucha 7'' elmhurst,ny 1995
simple hardcore punk in spanishh and political

thatcher on acid - chagrin 7'' london,engand 1991
anarcho punk

va - a history of compassion and justice 7''
classic 90s hc against imperialist america

va - left back let down 2x7'' 1995
fastcore powerviolence good stuff

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

titles are stupid

anarcolepsia - demo tape venezuela 2007
amazing female fronted hc punk the tracklist is correct, the inserts are wrong, maybe the cd is like that but the tape that i got has the songs all mixed around. i had a great time listening this over and over and readding the great lyrics while arranging the correct song titles

backslider (philadelphia,pa,usa) - no comply (st. augustine,fl,usa) split tape 2009
advance for split 7''
bs is 90s style pwer violnece
n c is doing what they do since te 90s with their powervilence

backslider - skullfracturing fastcore tape philadelphia,pa,usa 2009
this is some fast hardcore like los crudos with shorter songs 12 in 5 minutes

hatred surge - deconstruct tape austin,tx,usa 2009
boy and girl singers raging hardcore

maladie - st tape tijuana,mexico 2009
super great music hear sung in spanish
emotional and melodic hard and core

mindless - demo tape austin,tx,usa 2008
woman screaming over tough and fast hc

terror y miseria - somos lo ke hacemos para kambiar lo ke somos cd argentina 2004
ultra politcal punk fighting for punk and love in the 3rd world it took me forever
to scan the booklet so download this and read along, if you dont know spanish
learn, i only kno w alittle but friend and internet help to get by

Friday, October 9, 2009

i think these are all splits

charogne stone - fatal nunchaku split 7'' france 2008
two french bands playing fast hc

deathrace (ex svart parad, asocial) - misantropic split 7'' sweden 2009
two swedish bands playing 80s hardcore crust
deathrace freaking rule, listening to them takes me back to when i was first listening to this stuff and it felt really exciting, now i hear new bands of this style and its good even great but i feel like i am better off just listening to the old bands i already have rather than learning the new bands but deathrace dont give me that feeling, no wonder they have experience in the bands that got me into this stuff. it shows in the way they do it better than anyone else out there. too bad they are not around anymore. members still play in other bands like uncurbed and crossing chaos.
and the bands got those websites you know which one
its the website/misantropichardcore

disclose - framtid split 7'' japan 2004
the two best crasher crust from japan
if you like discharge and excrement of war you like this

framtid (japan) - seein red (netherlands) split 7'' 2007
once again top notch heavy distorted crust from framtid in japan
and fast 80s style hc from seeinred in netherlands from people who are all making hc since the 80 and were in legendary noise fast hc larm

nondeskript -human compost split 7'' besancon, france 2007
two crusty bands from france
nondeskript mix heavy crust with pretty sounding epic metal but never slow down they take the cake here
human compost play straight forward heavy heavy crust

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more great records buyem if you can

black september (chicago,il,usa) - thou (la,usa) split 7'' 2008
black september is ex thin the herd but they play the same metallic crust
thou is slow crust
by black september stuff at

born b.c. - the power and the privelige ep 7'' e.yorks, england, uk 1982
i can't figure out the way people in england write their addressess, do they got states and cities or what, there is so much going on in an address but never a country like scotland or england its always just uk i hate that so i am guessing e. yorks is the state, they have counties and regions i think but i dont know what that means anyway
the music is great early 80s uk political punk not too fast but not oi, this is a peice of history and i am so happy to have it.

the discocks - voice of youth 7'' japan 1992
these guys are happy enough with the oi label, in japan they way they say hey (which is what we say in america) sound like oi also so i like to think there is no england worship but its undeniable since they say thanks to no future records and stuff. anyway i love that type of stuff.
this record takes me back though iw as ten when it came out the discocks are a band i got into in my early teens once i was punk enough to start listening to bands a bit lesser known than clash and dead kennedys.

natural cause (madison,wi,usa) - blatherskite (cumberland,in,usa) split 7'' 1992
here is an old record i actually just got used
natural cause made me buy it, i have their full 7'' on profane existence which also came out early 90s and i was lucky to get it in late 90s, i never even knew about this record but rhetoric records was a label with a great distro i used to order from in the 90s, there is a wierd story why that label isnt around but i dont know enough about it to post it on here.
natural cause play experimental punk, its not artsy just goes from punky to almost grungy and is remeniscent of that time actually.
blatherskite i had never heard of but they play one song sludgy and heavy like toxic narcotic or corrupted and one song almost the same but with hip hop singing. its really not as bad as it looks in my description, atleast its not rap metal and a million times better than anthrax(us) not anthrax (uk) they rule.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

please comment am i doing this for no one i hope someone is downloading

accione mutante - all your base are belong to us 7'' gbg,sweden 2002
sounds like modern boys trying to sound like 70s punk garage rock
no this is not the german crust band
also i have read there is an 80s italian band named accione mutante but
i have never been able to get their music

chorea - wir konnen nicht nur von alten taten sprechen... 7'' germany 1997
amazing freaking german crust you might know them from the split with asmodinas leichenhaus you can download on am i mean

my own lies - houses in texas split 7'' germany 2000
more great crust punk
m o l are heavy hc with melody
h i t are like a great mix of death metal heavyness black metal melody and punk smartness

open wound - stanglehold 7'' 33rpm australia 2003
songs were recorded 98ish
strong fast intence grind crust with metal touches
this band probably influenced insect warfare

va - at war now an anti war comp 7'' 2000s
dont know what year exactly
this was repressed but is sold out again
everyband kicks booty ranging from slow screaming melodic to fastcore grind stuff

va - onslaught international hc comp 7'' 2001
20 bands on one 7'' so you know its good
a whos who of fast hardcore, insult (netherlands) bizarre x and more

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one of these things is not like the other

hey 4 records and 3 have something in common and 1 is not like the others. first to comment and tell which is not like the others and why will get a record sent to her. what record, i dont know its a suprise but its free.

blood of others - unthinkable thought 7'' australia 2000
fast hardcore with a bit of melody

discarga - st 7'' brazil 2000
fast fierce hardcore in portuguese with english explanations

farcical - st 7'' sweden
dont know what year this came out, late 90s or early 2000s
doomy hc with some new school influences varied sound styles ranging from late 80s ny to almost mid 2000s slow crust

narsaak - prasina 7'' germany 2007
90s german hc back to attack i love the early stuff thats heavy swedish crust like state of fear this time there is some rocknroll like motorhead mixed in but still good

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 things

condenada - st 7'' chicago,il,usa 2006
great all female hardcore punk

firing squad - demo tape austin,tx,usa 2009
saw em open for hellbastard lucky ducks distorted bass and drums with growled screeched vocals crusty and doomy

subsanity - human is shit 7'' pauls valley,ok,usa 1997
great death metal crust on sum records run by brother inferior

transient (portland,or,usa) - sale sangre (albuquerque,nm,usa) split 7'' 2008
transient are crusty growly grind metal with a girl singer
sale sangre are messy death metal with two names, sale sangre in mexico and manias in america

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 great records
assuck - state to state 7'' st. petersburg,fl,usa 1991
downloaded this on am i mean i think
anyway here is my rip and scans
grindy crusty hardcore and spoken word
beastie boys - electric worm 7'' 2007 ny,ny,usa
who doent love the beastie boys
dirt - scent of the kill 7'' london,england 1994
i love dirt old 80s anarcho punk sounding just as amazing after reforming in the 90s though they are long gone again i think wouldve been cool to see em in america with hellkrusher
red thread - st 7'' somerville,mass.,usa 2008
all girl punk band, black flagish hardcore with originality thats hard to describe they got a music style all their own really
they played at my house, nice folks.
whorehouse of representatives - its a corporate world after all 7'' seattle,wa,usa 1994
political punk classic with female vocals

enjoy, i know i am.
ray ss

Sunday, September 13, 2009

cave canem - fractura split 7'' germany

cave canem - fractura split 7'' germany

both bands are from germany
cave canem have a heavy scandinavian sound that reminds me of state of fear
fractura have a fast pace crust sound that reminds me of 90s bands.

this is a record that i downloaded on a blog i cannot remember which.
i liked it so much i bought it.
i found it at
i think they still got some
this is my rip and me scans
i got all the inside but the front is kinda cut off since it is one long picture and didnt fit on my scanner.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

caulfield - demo 2008 ca,usa

caulfield - demo 2008 ca,usa my cd

caulfield is a great band from north california, sacramento area, blending tragedy crust with some newschool hardcore elements.
i got this demo and riped it cuz its so cool.
then i find out they are coming through my town so i contact em and set up the show for them.
they were super nice and great to see live.
this is the first version of this demo.
they rerecorded it with a lineup change.
i got the 2nd version and will upload it someday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

catheter (denver,co,usa) - looking for an answer (spain) split 7'' 2003

catheter (denver,co,usa) - looking for an answer (spain) split 7'' 2003 with scans

catheter play crusty grind with some screamed vocals
looking for an answer play grindy fastcore and growled vocals

Monday, August 17, 2009

black market fetus (des moines,ia,usa) - bodies lay broken (minneapolis,mn,usa) split 7'' 2001

black market fetus (des moines,ia,usa) - bodies lay broken (minneapolis,mn,usa) split 7'' 2001

more bmf crusty metal and bodies lay broken play amazing grind crust with some black metal undertones and death metal gurgled vocals they are amazing

Saturday, August 15, 2009

black market fetus - murder machines 7'' des moines,ia,usa 2001

black market fetus - murder machines 7'' des moines,ia,usa 2001 with scans

bmf play early 90s style fast crust with really well placed metal influences the singer (nate) has been the newest member of catheter (denver,co,usa) for about a year doing vocals and bringing em back to a 4 piece. b m f have released a lot of stuff and i will post more since i have been listening to em since the late 90s.

the bayonettes - we're doomed 7'' canada 2006

the bayonettes - we're doomed 7'' canada 2006 with full scans
this has a girl singer and sounds like it coulda come out of la in the late 70s its very bags, x, the brat, avengers style. full on strong and catchy punk.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ak-47 triple sic - forced tumor split 7'' co,usa 1997

ak-47 triple sic is a band from colorado with haroldo the 2nd and current drummer of catheter playing bass in a blurry blasty grindy noise core
they do a dri cover thats listed as dri cover sounds familiar but i cant think of the title as much as i love them i havent listened to them in years i am so ashamed

forced tumor is another colorado band playing grindy crusty hxc

ps all my rips will come with scans if they dont got scans its cuz i downloaded htem somwhere else from some one who didnt included scans

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

some good stuff

arseripper frm australia are new to me but i like em fast crusty grind with funny titles
demisor from singapore are a classic to me amazing grindy crust i also got a split 7''with red stain (who i read are 3 japanese people who moved to australia but i was talkign to a guy from australia once and he said they are australian, so there is a miscommunication somewhere, i still think he is mistaken)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

gasmask terror from france demo march 15 2004

this is a rip i downloaded somewhere i do actually havethis though i used to write to a guy in the band regularly and he also has a label that put out some great records but i dont know too much what is going on cuz out of lazyness i lost touch i hope you enjoy funny coicidence march 15 is my birthday
ray ss

Thursday, July 23, 2009

malinheads - mvd split lp two great german bands

ok, i got this from pope and he got it from count. i am posting it again to get the word out not only its a great record but we need help getting some artwork and atleast a proper tracklist please. it would be a great help. thanks. the count has a test pressing, that is why there is no artwork or tracklist. enjoy it anyway, i do.
peace out
ray ss

ps what year did this come out

Thursday, July 16, 2009

for the pope zythslakt and the past sweden punk

so the pope has hooked me up many times and this isnt as cool as all the stuff he has done with his site but i hope yall can enjoy this. no covers, so sorry, but i downloaded this from slsk many moons ago.
you will get the music from the zynthslakt - the past split 7'' and the past - united states of coca cola 7'' both early 80s sweden punk and remind me of asta kask trall punk or not i love them.
ray ss

Monday, April 6, 2009

new band with members of plf and insect warfare

learn more at i dont got a track list cuz it didnt come with a cover just a cd and a sticker with the band name and demo title i saw em on april 4 2009 in san antonio,tx,usa i recognize the drummer from plf but i know he was insect warfare he also played drums that night with a band called heavy roach activity they have a crossover mid 80s thrash sound but i didn;t like em

ok song titles and lyrics thanks to a message at that website

#1 Sadistic Executionwith
dreary eyes I gaze upon the fields of the dead
stepping over carcasses and gore that is surrounding
vulture’s pecking at the flesh, gouging out the eyes
sifting through the bodies, I see there is no god
wading through the blood/choking on the mother fucking stench
the sights and sounds of mortality curdle my blood
devastation at the hands of these brutal bastards-
systematic killing
sadistic execution
sifting through the bodies I see my fate
as another statistic damned to fucking hell-
damned to fucking hellno hope for humanity
war stricken people
damned to fucking agony

#2 Visions of a Terminal Reality
An array of bullets mask the horizonA rain of bombs cloud the skyThe rich man pushes the buttonThe poor man is blown to pieces-A child’s dream disruptedBy the crank of the sovereign tank-The metal monster battalionDrudge through the boiling blood-A schoolyard scorched by napalmBut no one’s played there for yearsThe Machines aren’t affected by the heatBut the populous beg for death…-Gears are grinding, pistons: pumpingRotors are turning, bullets: flying-They strike at midnight sharpRobots don’t need light to fightthe barrage slowly passes; everyoneis dead by dawn

#3 Nuclear Nightmare
57 seconds to end historyFrozen in a moment of terrorThermal pulses scorchesMiles of humans, buildingsAnd everything in between-…Melting flesh…Blinded eyesNone can see God past the blackened skies-Half an hour laterIt rains thick black drops-Poisoned radioactive particles contaminates all caught in the wind-Contaminates all caught in the wind

#4 Perverted Morals
Our Christian nation is a façadeA social construct for controlBehind the bible coverAre satanic leaders from centuries beforeLeaders of nations/across the globeDescend from the same bloodlinesThe same secret societiesAnd the same fucking perverted moralsThey preach against but at the same time, kill forIt goes deeper than we will ever fucking know

#5 The Process of Becoming a Number
First they said it was to track animalsSecond it was to keep track of criminalsNext it was for the elderly wandering offNow that they have us used to the idea…Corporations will force employeesAnd babies will be chipped at birthBefore you realize what has happenedYou will be jailed for not being marked-IBM sponsored the Third ReichTurning people into numbersNow they back the VerichipWhich threatens to control us all-You are the animalYou are the criminalRefuse to be a number!Refuse to be fucking chipped!

#6 An Overview of Desolation
As I stumble out of the ruins-covered in flesh-dustdripping with brain-fluidtripping over decapitated heads

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

insane metal from tucson, arizona, u$a

i cant scan the cover with no scanner but his is a tour cd anyway so all the cover is is their name and a cool picture and their website they are a 3 peice who sing about the earth but dont take my word for it just contact them. they played in my town on march 17, 2009 and they were the nicest fellas. diy metal. heavy and crushing with great leads that don't sound wanky at all. 4 songs and no track list sorry. the cd is great though it doesnt come close to capturing how heavy these guys sound live. this is the first rar i made myself i just right clicked and clicked send to zip folder and an rar was made. at least i think cuz the mediafire site has it listed as zip. let me know if it works cuz i am still just figuring how this stuff works. i ripped the songs using windows media player that came with my computer. mp3 320kbits
ray ss
ok so i did some research and what i did was wrong you right click and then select add to " your file" rar
so here is the new link for the rar

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my first blog

my first blog is a download i got from by a band called edelweiss piraten from poland i chose this because the music is great and i first learned of what edelweiss piraten a few months ago when i was listening to a record by australian band vae victis who explain e p was a group of teens who existed during wwII and rejected hitler and fought with hitler youth. i think that is cool. the mediafire link is mine but i got the rar from let me know if it works i am totally new at this.
the reason i chose a rip from another blog because i love many great blogs on the web and this is a tribute to the great blogs that inspired me to make one like
am i mean , and and many many more. thanks again.
ray ss this should be the link to the rar let me know whats up so i can fix this and do better