Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the bags

the bags - 1978 - survive 7'' 2004 repress la,ca,usa
i read this looks exactly like the original except the label name that repressed it on the back of the cover. one of americas first punk bands playing somewhere between sex pistols and go-gos with their own raw originality and energy thrown in. the singer went on to be work musically with the singer of the brat and the bass player married the singer of the damned and moved to england and even was in the damned.

last match

last match - 1997 - st 7'' sweden
black flag simple straight forward hc with modern sensiblities

condenada sin orden

condenada - 2007 - sin orden split 7'' chicago,il,usa
two hc band from chicago who sing in spanish. lyrics are personal dealing with social pressures, racist government and homophobia, condenada is an all girl band with some members who are gay and not afraid to scream it in your face.

brutal truth

brutal truth - 1998 - machine parts plus 4 7'' ny,ny,usa
great heavy grind metal hc with some dirgy midpaced chugging mixed in

appalachian terror unit

appalachian terror unit - 2008 - greenwashing lp huntington,wv,usa

some more angry political hc, this time with some metallic crusty influence and boy girl trade off vocals

riot clone

riot clone - 1996 - to find a little bluebird lp england
this record has the best lyrics of the blog. political and angry. smart, clear and they even rhyme. this band was around in the 80s and this is heavy hc punk with punchy bass lines and catchy choruses that could have fit in with the early 80s stuff. great song writing and great band by great people. from the mid 90s to the early 2000s riot clone was pretty active then just kind of disapeared again.


anarchy - 1981 - ready steady go lp japan

one of the first ever japanese punk bands, started in 78 and continued till the late 80s then some members started other projects and are still jamming to this day. this is mostly a more power pop sex pistols, imagine a fancy swankys mixed with the variety of slits and later clash

now denial

same thing. the lp came with a cd version, same songs, slightly different cover art

now denial

now denial - 2004 - power to the mountain cd lowell,ma,usa
not to be confused with the now denial from germany this is now denial from ma,usa. they play a driving brand of emotive hc punk with lots of melody and even some early 90s dischord records style experimentation

flagitious idiosyncracy in the dilapidation - 2009 - st lp japan

all girl grind from tokyo. brutal heavy mean ugly brutal brutal grind metal hc. dark, thick and tough yet catchy. this band not only has talent but know how to write great songs.


ecocide - 2010 - st lp san antonio,tx,usa
4 songs of between 4 and 6 minutes long of mostly midpaced chugging with some faster dbeats thrown in. atmospheric guitars, soloing violin and tribal pounding drums building heaviness and brutallity in melodic crusty metallic hc

positive reinforcement

positive reinforcement - 2007 - the one side lp allston,ma,usa
rocking hc punk, mix 80s california hc with some rocking out and fun speedier cirlce pit stuff


illdad - 2004 - rakapitalism lp gothenburg,sweden
heavy and dark scandi hc with melody. think acursed and skitsystem

Saturday, November 26, 2011

septic death

septic death - 1986 - now that i have your attention lp 2009 bootleg
really good bootleg, everything looks nice, included insert. the only difference i can tell from looking at pictures online is the side b center label is just the band logo but should be a track list. music is rough hxc thrash.

revenge of the kamikaze stegosaurus from outer space

va - revenge of the kamikaze stegosaurus from outer space lp 1988
mostly boston bands like psycho but this has ripcord and wretched also a band i never heard of from finland called damage, really good early 80s finland hc sound mixed with some speed metal,thrash but not too much. made me research them and they got a few records i will try to download later.

skate korpse

skate korpse - 2007 - discog lp rochestor,ny,usa
surf punk with some skate punk and 80s american hxc mixed in. sounds like it should of been from early 80s and not upstate ny. this collects 7''s and demos.


opal - 1985 - northern line 12'' la,ca,usa
bluesey folky psychadelic dreamy undescribable really. pre mazzy star.

harms way

harms way - 2009 - reality approaches lp chicago,il,usa
heavy tough fastcore mixed with grind, mosh parts and breakdowns. this band moves more in the newschool hxc circle but has a great diy feeling and makes great music and lyrics.

running for cover

running for cover - 2008 - dark well lp buffalo,ny
brutal hxc, like really fast black flag with a dark modern twist

Thursday, November 3, 2011

kings world records

i remember there being a king's world records website, everything was expensive and i couldnt figure how to order since it was in japanese, anyway wondering if you can tell me if its still around i cant find it anymore.

the seeds of the next season

va - the seeds of the next season lp 1999

get your metal core, emo, screamo, bremen style influence hc fix right here. i also uploaded the cd version earlier in this blog, same songs different insert artwork.


tumult - 2000 - st lp strauscheid,rheinland-pfalz,germany

total 80s american hc influence put in a blender and set on ludicrous speed.


hellshock - 2005 - shadows of the afterworld lp portland,or

very crusty metal influenced punk, i hear bits of tragedy and amebix mixed in with midpace to fullspeed punk. not as metal and internet will have you believe. so if you dont like metal you might like this and if you do like metal this is better than metal anyway and you will like it.


siekiera - 1986 - nowa aleksandria lp 2003 cd

this band started playing the most hard core hc punk you will ever hear and then went on to make this great new romantic new wave style album.

no fate

va - no fate IV 2xcd hg fact 1998 cover only

amazing comp of punk,hc,crust,whatever. i dont have the cds just the cover.

sham 69

sham 69 - 1997 - kings and queens cd repress of 1993 cd release

rerecording of greatest hits type thing. o g 77 punk.


the swankys - control demo 86 - 88 cd japan

scan says kings world on it but its prolly a bootleg, i downloaded on slsk years ago and figured why not share on here, if you got info please fill me in. musically you wont believe these guys were ever gai. its 77 with some power pop and rockabilly influence and really stands on it own.

if you have better scans please send em this way and some info on this release also is appreciated. thanks.

i know i have seen that cover before but without control demo written on it.


asbestos - 1996 - t0 the memory of a war victim cd japan

early discog since this band is still going, first demo is almost gai style and the rest have a bit cleaner sound and galloping pace. for being late 80s they make think of 90s crust mixed with early 80s gauze. charging hc tinged with metallic brief solos.


720 - 1999 - fuerza para luchar cd argentina

old school hc punk with some new school influence a bit or melody, the name is actual 720degrees but i cant type that little circle thing and i am pretty sure it is a skateboarding reference so couple that with pictures of them wearing hoodies and flyer with sick of it all and you should know what your in for.

hurt your feelings

va - hurt your feelings six weeks sampler cd 2000

has a track or two from previous releases, everything from pop punk to grindcrust and more.

shut the fuck up stfu

stfu - 2001 - quit yer bitchin cdr bay area,ca,usa

forgot where they're from but i think san francisco or around there. rough and dirty hc punk, male female screaming no fancy shit just hcpunk.

night siege

night siege - 2010 - sacrifices cdr austin,tx

slick sounding dark hc with modern influences, kinda like a not as good world burns to death.