Monday, November 30, 2009

some old stuff

union - 1992 - anaesthetized 7'' mjolby,sweden
hardcore punk with political lyrics as you can expect from the 90s might have a copy i saw it by coincidence
while browsing a few weeks back

serious drinking - 1984 - country girl became drugs and sex punk 7'' london,england
i read the name on jackets and punk historys but it took a few years to track down some
music. back when tape trading was still the primary music sharing i was able to find
someone who taped me their lp. all these years later i sill need to get that record but
i found this instead. good enough. music is punk,ska but not too ska. imagine a punkyer

serious drinking - 1983 - hangover 7'' london,england
this is my favorite off the revolutions starts at closing time lp so i was happy to find
it was also a single with lyrics cuz there were bits i couldn;t figure out.
i got another 7'' but will post it later or sooner if someone makes a special request.

nojsbojs - 1996 - propaganda frisyrer rocknroll komersialism 7'' sweden
short fast noisey hardcore

active minds - 1994 - the lunatics have taken over the asylum 7'' flexi n.yorks,england
this is in a few blogs but its cool anyway so i posted it too
simple catchy hardcore punk with strong political feelings

Saturday, November 28, 2009
check this out for some great hardcore and thrash
ray ss

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i shot cyrus, krigstanz, paindriver, streetcleaner, thrak

thrak - 2007 - st 7'' homer city,pa,usa
raging fast with some slow parts, short songs remind me of go!

streetcleaner - 2008 - mother curse 7'' austin,tx,usa
fast and short

paindriver - 1997 - the truth is all that matters 7'' cranston,ri,usa
an older release still might be able to get it from
if your lucky cuz they are sadly closing shop so don't hesitate
this is fast hardcore sounds grindy to me but they disagree

i shot cyrus - 2005 (sao paulo,sp,brazil) - kriegstanz (netherlands) split 7''
isc is amazingly heavy fast hc
k is dark and heavy

Monday, November 23, 2009

durga, ass end offend, dios hastio, septicemia

durga - 2002 - earn your redwings mormon 7'' san diego,ca,usa
this is bad ass heavy crusty hardcore
i cant find more info on the web except they got another 7''
anyone who knows more let me know cuz i wanna learn about this band

dios hastio - 2002 (peru) - septicemia (brazil) split 7''
dh is heavy grindy hc
septicemia is punky hc

ass end offend - 2003 - welcome to the discomfort zone 7'' missoula,mt,usa
rough screaming hc
moved to portland,or and changed name to squalora

Friday, November 20, 2009

besthoven and more

besthoven - 2008 (gama,df,brazil) - suburban showdown (dover,nh,usa) split 7''
besthoven hardcore punk with discharge influence
suburban showdown hardcore punk with 80s influence

chainbreaker - 2006 - monster split 7'' germany
cb play hcpunk with some newschool influence
monster play heavy hc with some rock pace to it

hrydjuverk - 2004 (iceland) - patient zero uk) split 7''
hrydjuverk play hcpunk ranging from simple hc like mob 47 to
melodic crust like those bands that are called neo crust
patient zero play heavy extra fast hc

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
this label has been around for years and released tons of great stuff from
new school hc to real hardcore and punk and they got a great distro
and cheap prices so go buy some stuff
so far everything i have gotten from this label kicks booty

no. 1

the gaia - 1994 - no. 1 7'' japan
thrashy hardcore

triac - 2004 - the karma payment plan split 7'' baltimore,md,usa
melody,crust,grind from bothbands but different

forca macabra - 2001 - ao vivo no japao 2001 7'' finland
80s brazil style hc made by dudes from finland

blindspot a.d. - 2003 (germany) - unholy grave (japan) split 7''
bad play solid hardcore with a bit of crust
unholy grave are metally grindy hc
takaho komatsu
#103 shouwa-sou 2-2001
kurosawa-dai. midori-ku. nagoya 458-0003

Saturday, November 14, 2009

adelitas from portland,or,usa

punk from portland with a singer from mexico who sings in spanish. music is fast and melodic with some slower parts mixing traditional mexican music. lyrics are about the ameican nightmare.
Adelit@s - Un Solo Grito 7" there are 500. get in touch if your interested
they also got a cd
and one of those websites blahblahblah/adelitaspunks

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

buy some of this stuff

some of this is in print ready for you to buy it from the bands and the labels

conflict - 1995 - live at centro iberico 7'' repress of 1982 on xntrix london,england
one of the best catchy and hard with well thought out lyrics

sl-27 - 2007 - st 7'' belgium
fast hc with some melodic parts that add to the sound making these songs amazing

the shining - 2006 - the word is fiction 7'' netherlands
fast thrashy hc

skrack - 2004 - red with anger split 7'' germany
skrack is heavy crusty hc
red with anger is mid paced crusty punk
red with anger
assel records

s.o.b. - 2009 - (japan) - brutal truth - 2009 (usa) split 7'' bootleg
sob is live recording with an english dude singing
sob is an amazing fast hc band one of the first to make grind
bt is sob covers

va - 1988 - welcome to albany 7'' albany,ny,usa
metalish choppy hc or soft fast hc 5 bands playing one of those styles
rips and scans all me except the poster i was too lazy to take a pic so i got it here

Monday, November 2, 2009


totuus - 2004 - kun kuolema on todellisuutta 7'' tampere,oulu,finland
80s fast hc like only the finnish can do

fight records

kismet hc (uk) - happy bastards (eugene,or,usa) split 7'' 2006
khc play fast hc
h b play melodic punk
this is still available from the bands and distros so go get it
happy bastards
kismet hc

wartorn (appleton,wi,usa) - los dolares (caracas,venezuela) split 7'' 2008

both bands play 90s style swedish crust like state of fear

this is still not too hard to find but disapearing quick

los dolares



subtracttozero - 2000 - st 7'' minneapolis,mn,usa

c/o pete yahnke

po box 582514
minneapolis,mn 55458-2514

unit - 2001 - giai phong 7'' london,england
80s sounding peace punk from mebers of the apostles and chinese youth center.