Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuomiopaivan lapset

tuomiopaivan lapset - 2003 - totaalinen sota 7'' finland
raw hc crust punk. no frills intense loud and still catchy. a long time favorite.


protest - 1998 - the biggest proof of human greed is war tape singapore
this is broken noise 002. a great tape of raw dbeat state of fear style scandi crust but with some straight up pogo streetpunk mixed in. short grind songs to slow melodic thsi band does it all better than most.

apatia no sentimientos oprimidos

apatia no - 1999 caracas,venezuela - sentimientos oprimidos (buenos aires, argentina) split 7''
apatia no are fast hc punk, very 90s crust punk like early aus rotten. sentimientos go even faster for raging hc sound like crudos but with some emo crust mixed in, both bands have strong female and male singers.

oil tanker

oil tanker - 2008 - st 7'' hartford,ct,usa
dbeat crust with some dark melodies mixed in, very react, deformed conscience but of course not as good

chelo silva

chelo silva - esa es la puerta / no te vayas sin mi 7'' brownsville,tx
legendary bolero(ballad) singer from tejas. one of the first hispanic female singing stars of that style. she performed in the 30s till the 80s.


cetascean - 2011 - st 7'' canada
brutal dbeat crust

Saturday, September 24, 2011


have you seen the movie matilda? its about a girl with a mean family, the dad is an dishonest car saleman and they neglect her emotionally, she finds someone to help her get away from them, a teacher. she has a brother, in the book he's a regular kid, in the movie he's older and kinda a bully.
have you seen a movie called the professional? its about a girl named mathilda with a mean family except they are junkies and beat her, one day her family is killed by rival drug dealers (including her little brother who is nice and 5 or 6 years old) she finds someone to help her get away from the other drug dealers, a hitman, and together they get revenge for the murder of her little brother.
i have a theory that the professional is an adult version of matilda which is a childrens movie.
both are at the top of my favorite movie list.

the request for protest

i have a tape by a band called protest from singapore that came out on broken noise tapes in malaysia, its really good catchy hc punk with some crusty flavor mixed in. i will upload it soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pink flamingos

pink flamingos - 1996 - poppin' eye effect 7'' berlin,germany
great hc, fast raw and heavy, screamed shouted yelled vocals intense riffs and manic drumming,
pissed off lyrics.

worms meat

worms meat - 2001 - four stupid brains 7'' 2003 repress of cd japan
tokyo hc, fast, tight, screamed and shouted singing. totally makes me think systematic death and outo.

paragraf 119

paragraf 119 - 2003 - musik till ulempe 7'' repress of 2001 denmark
male female trade off vocals crusty catchy abrasive guitars some melody all political hc. originally out on kick n punch then repressed by alerta antifascista


meanwhile - 2001 - the show must go on 7'' sweden
this is aggresive screamed blown out hc, they used to be called dischange. if you like scandi crust, hc, discharge check it out and all of their stuff.


discharge - 2011 - 1978 demo 7'' bootleg england
this 4 songs from the demo, the whole demo is on an lp with a newer 7''( the beginnin of the end 7'' i think). its like a 2nd rate sex pistols. good songs none the less, i can listen to this and its fun. mid paced chuck berry riffs and nasaly vocals.

wreak havoc

wreak havoc - 2008 - st 7'' cleveland,oh,usa
new school hc with some emo influences. fast, meloncholic and melodic riffs, some gang vocals. kinda reminds me of the first ruiner 7''. if you like black flag and crippled youth you'll like this.

Friday, September 16, 2011

cracked cop skulls - 1996 - no fucking tears for the pieces of shit 7'' england

raw hc fast simple riffs and clear shouted vocals, think discharge realities of war stripped down and cut in half


subsanity 2002 logic plague 7'' ok,usa
from the 90s this is ultra metallic crust. grind drums thrashy guitars growled vocals

mob 47

mob 47 2011 hardcore attack demo 7'' stockholm sweden
and official release of their 1983 demo, strong sound for a demo but this is mob 47 so what do you expect. amazing drums and guitars attack shouted vocals 100percent hc the way it is meant to be


fairfuck - 1998 - st 7'' kongsberg,norway
catchy fast tight and badass. think 80s american hc with some modern hc influence and melody


aparat - 1985 - hairikot tulee 7'' finland bootleg
same cover front and back, blank labels(the original has picture labels). sounds awesome, this is every bit as good as tampere ss, kaaos, bastards, riistetyt
fast drums and guitar riffs catchy and raw

warning vinyl fanzine

va - warning vinyl fanzine 7'' 2005
deadly ultra sound are metallic hc punk rocking riff and clear singing kinda like gbh and wb2d mixed with motorhead
lebenden toten are noisey hc punk
rotten cadaver and dog soldier also hc punk

band of mercy

band of mercy - 2011 - vegan power 7'' houston,tx
galloping dark hc with lots of melody, their schtick is militant animal rights

caustic christ

caustic christ - 2005 - government job 7'' pittsburgh,pa,usa
hc punk with clean shouted vocals, driving riffs and energetic drums make me think of deformed conscience but without the gruff growly vocals

willing feet 2011 st 7'' canada

willing feet - 2001 - st 7'' canada
blown out fuzzed out dbeat hc with a slight black metal overtone


transient - 2008 - st 7'' portland,or,usa
raw fast thrashy crusty metallic hc

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pretty little flower mesrine

two bands from the early 2000s
pretty little flower 2008 houston tx mesrine quebec city canada
plf are brutal short and powerful blast of distorted guitar and grind drums
mesrine are about the same with a full on death metal grind

mass grave warfair?

mass grave 2004 vancouver,bc,canada warfair? phoenix,az 7''
mass grave is crusty hc like state of fear, gruff vocals buzzed out guitars and pounding scandi beat
warfair is like mass grave but more thrashy

gross national product

gross national product - 2006 14 song happy meal brandon,fl
80s american hc style with some added heaviness and sarcastic yelled and screeched singing

dc beggars

dc beggars 1992 love money and power 7'' seattle,wa
good 80s uk sounding dark death rock inspired punk
mid paced simple rock riffs with shouted and droning harmonic vocals

Saturday, September 3, 2011

one last chance

one last chance - early 2000s - night of the workind dead demo cdr houston,tx
this is a cdr i got with no cover at a show they played in austin with tragedy and world burns to death, they got a fast gruff crust hc sound with some elements of melody and slight tragedy style.


massick - 2003 - discog cd germany
this band plays different styles each song, some are grindcore,some are rocknroll, some are poppy, they do the grind stuff excellent and sound brutal and blazing like agathocles, i like the poppy stuff too it reminds me of petrograd, i am not a fan of rock n roll when its done fast to be like punk, i do like original rock n roll.

rubbish heap

rubbish heap - 1996 - path of lies 7'' antwerpen,belgium
rough hc with that 90s experimental edge. fast and hard riffs screamy vocals, energy and passion

end of all

end of all - 2009 - places 7'' sweden
metallic neo crust galloping guitar riffs and pounding drums with melody


caulfield - 2010 - untitled cd sacramento,ca
dark heavy hc crust, sometimes slow and pretty sounding sometimes fast and brutal but always heavy

Friday, September 2, 2011

born dead icons

born dead icons - 2000 - part of something larger than ourselves 7'' canada
mid tempo rocking crust punk hc

after the massacre

after the massacre - 2005 - the end 7'' lake elsinore,ca,usa
dis punk with some modern crust mixed in.

vaning 5

vaning 5 - sla tillbaks och overlev 7'' sweden 2003
male female trade off vocals heavy fast rough crust punk done right

the great sabatini

the great sabatini - napoleon sodomite 7'' canada
stoner rock, slow groovy droning metal

expendable youth

expendable youth - st 7'' chicag0,il 2009
melodic heavy fast catchy