Monday, August 29, 2011


overflow - the worm 7'' 1995 croatia
this is goodwill records first release, i got this record in the sleeve and with center labels of their 2nd release the diy comp 7''
i ripped the songs and got artwork online discogs dot com
poppy punk, i am not a fan of this music but they do it good enough i can listen to and enjoy this record.

do it yourself

do it yourself 7'' comp italy 1995
you only get the cover, this is a repress and in this repress some of the records that came in the cover and with correct center labels were actually the labels first release.

project hopeless

project hopeless - 2010 - av hela mitt hjarta 7'' malmo,sweden
rough fast and raw hc
what you'd expect from sweden, old aus-rotten crust punk


dresden - 2010 - god has no mercy 7'' wi,usa
metallic crust punk very 90s with modern twist and originality


riistetyt - tervetuloa kuolema 7'' finland 2000
this is the havoc 2002 repress with an extra song it was originally on fight records
sad news the bass player nappi died recently from health problems, i dont got good info exactly but hes a legendary punk since the 80s never giving up the punk spirit.
music is amazing hard driving riffs that stick in your head, fast oldschool hc with a modern crust influence.


asschapel - st 7'' nashville ,tn 2001
guessing this is st, first song is sharp pinch, i have seen it listed by the last song
any way great music, hard heavey slow fast crusty brutal metally but not too metally
this is a band i listen to over and over


spectres - cold war 7'' 2007 canada
mid tempo catchy and depressing punk rock, death rock, joy division influence is strong


defiance - johnny was a soldier 7'' 2010 portland,or,usa
a personal favorite band but these songs dont get me moving like their old stuff. its more 77 and power pop influence, good any way.

global holocaust mass grave

global holocaust mass grave split 7'' 2006 canada
global holocaust have been making crusty hc since the early 90s and are classic to me, these songs have a bit more thrash metal influece but just a bit
mass grave have been at it since early 2000s raw heavy dirty distorted crust and if i didnt know better i'd think i was listening to state of fear

Friday, August 26, 2011

till death

till death - the world you created 7'' corpus christi,tx 2008
this band started in corpus with two people from austin and two from corpus, then the austin people moved back to austin and got two austin people to complete the band since the corpus people stayed in corpus. the singer,bass player was the singer bass player in century of war and one guitar player is the bass player for fuck work. the music is straight up heavy crust punk, very swedish influence d beat, think skitsystem.

existench disco inferno

existench (canada) - disco inferno (germany) split 7'' 2002
existench has been around since the mid 90s and is still a top notch mixture of grind and crust and a personal fave
disco inferno is new to me but did not disapoint, they play crusty hc with melody and emotion, think of his hero is gone.

reason of insanity el desmadre

reason of sanity - el desmadre split 7''2008 houston,tx
two 80s style american hc bands

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

after the bombs

after the bombs 7'' 2007 canada
crust punk metal

fighting dogs

fighting dogs 2007 7'' philadelphia
dark crusty hc, mixed with a little metal

Thursday, August 4, 2011


junta - st 7'' 1997 mt.kisco,ny
90s style modern hc with a strong diy,punk ethic.

danse macabre am i dead yet

danse macabre - am i dead yet split 7'' germany 2006
two really good screamo emo crust hc bands, heavy, melodic
remind me of the bremen scene stuff from the mid,late 90s