Saturday, July 30, 2011

maladie st 7'' tijuana mexico 2007
tragedy style emo crust hc in spanish and political lyrics

as long as we're all living we're all dying
as long as we're all living we're all dying 2004 st 7'' boston,ma,usa
great crusty grind hc with melody and brutallity

die human race
die human race 1997 flexi 7''
state of fear, assrash, hiatus, accion mutante , civil disobediance and luzifers mob
a classic of crust hardcore
came with a pe issue and was also sold by itself

outlast 1997 hardcore 7'' sweden
minor threat style hardcore with some modern influences. came with a fanzine but i just got the 7''
its really good and just a download away

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

bomb heaven

bomb heaven - 2003 - warfear 7'' repress portland,or,usa
this is heavy peace punk with some crusty influence.
only difference between the repress i can tell is the address of the record label and the center labels are blank and hand written instead of printed with a picture.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

kontraattaque migra violenta

kontraattaque - 2003 downey,ca - migra violenta (buenos aires,argentina) split 7''
two hxc crust bands singing in spanish, fast sharp harsh no frills musical attack on racism, oppression,capitalism and just listen to it and read the lyrics, they are sang in spanish but translations in english are included.

desobediencia civil

desobediencia civil - cuanto tiempo mas? 7'' d.f.,mexico
this came out in the mid or late 90s i think, if you know the correct year please tell me.
this is very 90s hxc punk with political lyrics, anti fascist, pro animal and stuff like that. fast crust beat with some blast beats mixed in and gruff gravely shouted singing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

autoritar agathocles

autoritar - 1996 germany - agathocles (belgium) split 7''
autoritar play brutal dbeat blast beat crust punk and shouted vocals, agthocles range from crust to grind with harsher vocals


disploited - 1999 - s/t 7'' finland
standard 90s political hxc punk. fast rough, catchy and good lyrics.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

carol ann noothgrush

carol ann noothgrush split 7''
A very hard to find split 7" between these two sludge/powerviolence monsters. This record never really officially got released. Only 500 of these were pressed and the only place that they were ever sold was by the bands themselves at a couple of the shows that they played years back. No distros/labels have ever carried sold this in the past and copies have been hard to come by. We only have a small, limited amount of these so act fast on this one. members of Carol Ann later went on to for the bands Graves at Sea and Black Hell