Saturday, May 7, 2011

scum noise 1994 live 7'' sao paolo,brazil

crust punk like hiatus and doom

tolar 2006 st lp dallas,tx,

dbeat crust like state of fear and skitsystem
2006 was the tour edition the band made photo copie covers and only about 400 where sold like that. we are stuck with 400 LP with out covers thanx to TOLAR that never pressed them. we will do new LP covers pro done this time with all new art work out soon keep posted on

Monday, May 2, 2011

anti fascist underground 1999 st lp l.a.,ca,usa

anti fascist underground 1999 st lp l.a.,ca,usa
got this used a few months ago, no insert,not sure if its supposed to have one.
i saw this band about 10 or 11 years ago in my town, they were cool, i was broke so i didnt buy anything thats why i bought this when i saw it. its trashy hxc punk. good and worth a listen but i remember them being way faster, more power violence.

it was a good show i got there late so i only saw two local bands and afu. i went cuz i saw a flyer for oppressed logic but when i got there i found out they cancelled, also a band from dallas called riot squad cancelled, i didnt care about them cuz i didnt really like there music,it was kinda misfitsy punk, plus how could a punk band not know there is a great uk82 band with that name. i went to this show not knowing anything about a band called anti fascist underground and i am glad i went and got to see them. some one yelled out free bird and the guitar player actually started to play the intro, atleast i guess thats what he started playing, i wouldnt know freebird if it was playing right now, i assume so cuz it sounded 70s and the singer was like fuck that shit and pushed the guitar player then grabbed his hand when he wouldnt stop playing it. the singer would throw himself on the floor and spazz about while singing. thats the only time i have ever seen someone start playing skynard when people shout it out. its just being silly, i always ask for the gambler.