Saturday, December 14, 2013

moo cow records luddgang disface kobayashi pontius pilate life in exile sin remedio

life love hardcore cd a great comp from a great label, hardcore from slow and chuggy to fast and short life love hardcore

luddgang anarcho industrial crass mish mash luddgand from 2000 or 1999 around there
disface/kobayashi split 7'' spain melodic hardcore with female vocals and Germany melodic punk, almost poppy punk great lyrics great music disface,kobayashi
Pontius pilate are grindy crusty hardcore punk in there last record of about 4 I think, all great. 2004
two los angeles band I think, anyway sin remedio is male,female vocals crusty hardcore with lyrics in Spanish and English. life in exile is one song melodic black metal and one song crusty dbeat. two awesome bands and one great record 2005
social revolt demo from around 2000 to 2002 I am guessing, these kids were still in highschool and played a mix of mc5 street rock and antiflag melodic punk, they even got better as time went by
blight from seattle I am guessing, anyway, they are brutal. mix disrupt and shitlist and you might have an idea of hwo good this is, scandi crust grind political punk 2005
descretions.rad company split 7'' discretions from san anto play basic emo punk pop punk and do it well, rad company writes some catchy power pop punk 2012 i think
Minneapolis scandi crust, good but not great and actually would be great if the songs were just a bit shorter cuz they did get repetitive at times 2001 i think
noyfb or which stands for none of your fu c k ing business 25 song ep blur core mince grind noise core mess and you need to download it if you like that kinda noise not music 2005 i think

Thursday, December 5, 2013

nibiru se tu propio dios

nibiru - 2009 - visions of a terminal reality demo Houston,tx heavy ass dark ass rough ass grind core with lyrics about the brutality of war and human nature nibiru 
se tu propio dios practice 2013 dark and scary with some melody and a singer with something to say


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

v s w u f

vitriolic response 7'' a new blast of political hardcore punk from awesome label strongly opposed in Switzerland, the band is from England vitriolic response
sinister ghost cdr I saw this band play a house show and they were nice people I like the music too. its like melodic, somewhat neo crust somewhat indie all punk sinister ghost
va wold hardcore 2x7'' with band from different countries and different styles ranging form heavy moshcore, emo to hc punk ranging from good to great olotila from finland alone will make your time well spent downloading and listening to this world hardcore
teen beat compilation cd came with short fast and loud 17 has 28 songs in about 23 minutes, hc punk, grind, pv are the order of the day teen beat cd
unhaim brutal crusty hc punk from Switzerland reminds me of old ent at times but mostly they are paving their own way with harsh songs that will get stuck in your head unhaim lp
va farm sanctuary benefit cd is a benefit cd for farm sanctuary, look it up its pretty cool. download this cd to hear awesome songs from antiproduct,seven days of samsara, atom and his package and more. from hc to hiphop spoken word and whatever just good music on here farm sanctuary cd


terrorism - atrocities 7'' grind from la, with good lyrics about diy and equality, some songs are about dead bodies and hospitals terrorism