Monday, February 27, 2012


disabuse - 1994 - st lp usa,england

members of disrupt and ent. sounds a lot like state of fear. raw dbeat hc crust.

creutzfeldt april

creutzfeldt - 2002 - april split lp germany

two german hc bands with noise samples and occasional breakdowns mixed with metallic hc and crust

a better hope foundation

a better hope foundation - 2011 0 you can never go home again 7'' southern,ca,usa

more from this great band and better than ever, more intricate song writing. just powerful.


nails 2009 obscene humanity lp ca,usa

raw brutal heavy noisy hc, like dark grindy punk with some newschool hc influence

civil disobedience

civil disobedience 1997 invention extinction lp minneapolis,mn,usa

crazy hc punk crust funk whatever and a great cover of arms race by bgk

Sunday, February 26, 2012

chaos uk

chaos uk - 1998 - heard it seen it done it lp bristol,england

covers album but with a lot of good choices. mostly 77 and lesser known bands mixed with well known classics and done really good.


ananda - 1998 - habeas corpus lp mantes-la-ville,france

heavy dark crusty hc with some modern hc and emoish influences mixed in.


seque - 2003 - st 10'' minneapolis,mn,usa

dark, eerie, melodic, fast, slow heavy crust.


detonate - st lp minneapolis,mn,usa

this came out around 2010 i think. it is crusy dbeat hc with screamed vocals and fast guitars. reminds me a lot of detestation and not just cuz of the female vocals.

animal bondage fierce

animal bondage - 1996 germany - fierce (quebec,canada) split lp
animal bondage are rough and raw hc punk crust and fierce are even rougher and rawer with bits of grind mixed in. both great bands, the singer of animal bondage went on to day by day then lost world then a bunch more.

a better hope foundation

a better hope foundation - 2007 - demo southern,ca,usa
more from this amazing hc punk diy nice bunch of people

Friday, February 17, 2012

a better hope foundation

a better hope foundation - 2007 - demo southern,ca,usa
downloaded this somewhere and thought i;d share. this is 80s american hc mixed with some youth crew and modern hc. great band and great people. they toured south america and were the first punk band in some of the countries they played ever.

world burns to death

world burns to death - 2008 - graveyard of utopia lp austin,tx,usa

amazing hc here, dark, heavy brutal and catchy. lyrics detail some of the power mad stalin's gruesome mass murder and oppression.

up for grabs

va - up for grabs lp 1995

great live comp with luzifers mob and acme from germany, seein red, rat patrol and funeral oration. you got the range of punk and hc here from grindy crust to melodic punk.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

turun tauti

turun tauti - 2001 - laumasielut 7'' turku,finland

new band playing old style finnish hc, but slightly less raw than 90s kaaos and not as clean as appendix


skitsystem - 2006 - stigmata lp gothenburg,sweden

brutal heavy dark hc crust


hiatus - 1996 - the brain lp belgium

total 90s crust classic, no frills dirty hc punk and political

gorilla angreb

gorrilla angreb - 2006 - bedre tider lp kobenhavn,denmark

great punk band with that late 70s california sound like x and germs but at times a little more rock n roll.