Sunday, December 25, 2011

end of all

end of all - 2008 - the art of decadence lp sweden
slightly epic, very heavy and melodic dbeat crust

blood spit nights

blood spit nights - 2004 - despot butchery lp portland,or,usa
dbeat hxc punk, some songs run a bit long but thats the slightly metallic influence.


naturecore - 1988 - with love lp laguna beach,ca,usa
crucifix,conflict style peace punk

los tremendos gavilanes juan y salomon

los tremendos gavilanes juan y salomon - 1970s - paloma loca lp san antonio,tx,usa
traditional mexican music in the style of the ranchera. sounds like norteno but not tejano. this came out on a label on guadalupe street, an old traditionally hispanic neighborhood famous for good and bad.


lautsturmer - 2008 - audioplague outbreak alert 7'' sweden
members of driller killer playing bare bones, crushing dbeat crust.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

julio casas

julio casas - 1978 - con mariachi lp san antonio,tx
if your looking for some traditional mexican music this is it. huapango, ranchera and boleros. they are basically ballads and folk songs.

world burns to death slang

world burns to death - 2010 austin,tx,usa - slang (sapporo,japan) 7''
both bands do a heavy style of hc punk with some metal influences, gruff vocals and nice melody mixed in with a charging, head banging beat.


skizophrenia - 2011 - this fucking skizophrenia 7'' tsuyama,japan
new band with uk82 sound, this is a little rawer and dirtier than the punkcore stuff but would fit in with pogo77. think tom and boot boys or chaos u.k

life but how to live it

life but how to live it - 1994 - st lp oslo,norway
hc punk with lots of melody, some pop punk and fugazi influence mixed it. great band, great girl singer.

bombed out

bombed out - 2008 - human disease 7'' ottowa,ontario,canada
80s style discharge influenced hc

Saturday, December 10, 2011

heart tree

i took this picture years ago, i noticed it while waiting for the bus(one reason for riding the bus is you see things you never would otherwise).
it took me years to take the picture but i am glad i did.

since then i kept telling myself i would take more pictures of it but always put it off.

about a week ago while passing it by(i never fail to look at it and say i am gonna take another picture) i noticed the branch on the right broke at the base of the fork(one reason not to put stuff off, but being brave works better in theory)

no more heart tree

Saturday, December 3, 2011

think globally act locally

va - think globally, act locally 7'' 1993
hardcore political punk from around the world, some got a slower metal punk mix and others straight forward 80s american hc and everything inbetween raw and heavy and punk


legion - 1999 - st 7'' toronto,ontario,canada
great dbeat crust like state of fear but with slight metal touch. they later went on to have a strong metal influence, here they are total scandi crust

jessie williams

jessie williams - 2011 - tour mix cdr la,ca,usa
great folk punk, strong guitar playing and well arranged lyrics, this is sooooo good.