Friday, December 24, 2010

filthy fuckers lisa frank

filthy fuckers demo cdr
this band is from mcallen and play really good drunk punk mixed with crust

lisa frank - 2010 - demo cdr san antonio,tx,usa

awesome san anto punk

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

discard schwartzeneggar rash

discard - 1994 - four minutes past midnight cd sweden
dis punk, not the classic their 7'' is but worth hearing.

what do you expect from steve ignorant.
hardcore punk, crusty and political from mexico, get it right now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


i got this tape from a band called nightgaun when they played in my town.
it has two demos on it so i separated them.

uk82 influenced streetpunk. their blog says they changed their from the emergency during this recording, i say good thing since every self respecting punk should know their is already an og uk82 band called emergency, they had a 7'' on riot city no less.

rotozaza - 2008 - fuzz never sleeps tape phoenix,az,usa

crusty thrashy hxc, not really noisy confuse style as they are associated with, i hear more lip cream mixed with blast beats.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


sayyadina - 2007 - mourning the unkown cd stockholm,sweden

this band rules, excellent grind mixed with dbeat,crust,sludge and plenty of melody.

Friday, October 29, 2010

parkinson recontruct sanctus iuda exit stance acrostix

parkinson - 2005 - reconstruct split cd johor,malaysia

two long running crust bands, parkinson is grindyer.

sanctus iuda - 1998 - eps of s i 3'' cd poland

another great crust band

exit stance - 2004 - while backs are turned... cd england
old peace punk with their 7'', lp, comp, demo and live songs.

from japan. i got this on slsk i think so theres no scans, if anyone has any please send em this way.
this is great very amebix, their later stuff is not as amebix but still great.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

clockwork cockrock dispose dead vaadat kishut scatha

clockwork cockrock - 2004 - counter fucks demo tape san antonio,tx,usa.rar
this is a band i played drums in. it started under a bridge passing a 40oz around. ashtray who would be the singer said its going counter clockwork, she was buzzed and meant counter clockwise. i said thats a good name for a band counter clockwork. mandee who would play bass said to call it the cockrock fucks. i said how about counter clockwork cockrock fucks. everyone said thats too long so we settled on clockwork cockrock. we made this recordig in my room on an old boombox with elliott on guitar as always and chris m. on bass cuz mandee was absent.

dispose - 2005 - four deadly bomb splinters demo tape

this is a dis band i was in briefly, no shows just this boombox recording.

dead - 2006 - sell the rich demo tape
another short lived band with boom box recording and me in it.

israel punk hxc sang in hebrew, not sure on the year its when i got it and their website says broken up with not much more info.
classic crust at its best

Thursday, September 2, 2010

sinix sic resist and exist hope cunt'n bananaaz secret seven f.p.o.

sinix - 2000something - demo cdr san antonio,tx,usa.rar

more early to mid 2000s san anto street punk, i copied this from my friend all those
years ago cuz i was broke as a jug and couldn;t buy my own for the giant amount of 2 or 3 bux
they cost, oh well. you don;t get cover art or tracklist.

va - virus lp 1988

a great comp but you only get the sic tracks since this sic music is taken from a bootleg cd i got called the jungle hop years.

if anyone knows where i can download this lp in full thanks.
i might have it on tape from a trade years ago but still a download please or a cdr in the mail.

sic - live ep ecocentric records 02-15-1988 shinjuku loft.rar

more from the sic cd

sic - 1988 - rose rose split lp japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this lp in full please i would love it.

sic - 1988 - fearless vampire killers split 7 '' flexi japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this 7'' in full i would love you.

resist and exist - 1998 - dare to struggle dare to win 7'' fullerton,ca,usa my vinyl.rar

an old personal fave takes me back to younger days, a friend told me they played my town in 2000 and i heard nothing of it till he mentiond it so i am super sad to know i missed em, he said there wasn;t many people. freaking sucks.

secret seven - 2004 singapore - f.p.o. (macedonia) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

i had to put this, singapore punk yeah.

cunt'n bananaaz (fukuoka,japan) - hope (kyoto,japan) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

two amazing noisy hcgrindpunk

turn around norman chupacabra moral hazard think don't pray mass grave

turn around norman - 2000 - st 7'' morgantown,wv,usa my vinyl.rar

amazing emotional punk hxc

think don't pray - 2007 calgary,canada - mass grave (vancouver,bc,canada) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

two grind punk bands from canada

chupacabra - 2000 calgary,ab,canada - moral hazard (portland,or,usa) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

wow coincidence another calgary band. chupacabra are a personal fave. i;ll put their cd and full 7'' later. two crust punk bands. politcal and challenging lyrics by both of course.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

let the world die potential violence substandard

let the world die.rar

ok i re uploaded the let the world die rar. and its should work now.
thanks for letting me know it wasn't working.
everyone download this again cuz it rules.

really good crusty hardcore, the members of the band are native americans, i don't see that much but hope to more.

potential violence - 2000something - st demo cdr san antonio,tx

friends of mine playing superb streetpunk, they went on to a reggea influenced punk with usual suspects and now total dancehall dub reggea with vietruse. i love this uk82 best.

substandard - 1999 - consuming need consuming greed 7'' nottingham,uk

a modern classic of hardcore punk and political lyrics.

Monday, July 26, 2010

va - not proud to be french 7'' va - there's more than male voice choirs in wales tape

va - not proud to be french 7'' 1996
a really good comp with abuso sonoro, seein red and battle of disarm and more

va - there's more than male voice choirs in wales tape 1980s
i dont know much about this, i just got the tape and the cover with no track list. if you can help with a track list, year it came out and can tell me if it had an insert or not i will be happy.
thanks. all band kick booty with varying styles of anarcho peace hardcore punk. no choice, foreign legion, classified protest and many more.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

guyana punch line 9 shocks terror the killers

guyana punch line - 2000 - youth for smashism 7'' colombia,sc
this band rules

9 shocks terror - 2000 cleveland,oh,usa - the killers (chicago,il,usa
hxc and hxcer, i was suprised when a mainstream band had the name the killers cuz i had heard of this band first, my friend who listens to that stuff showed me them and i showed her this the killers.

the unseen tom and boot boys crucial unit rambo

u - the unseen - 1996 - raise your finger raise your fist 7'' boston,ma
street punk

crucial unit - 2010 pittsburgh,pa,usa - rambo (philly,pa,usa) split 7''
crucial unit are thrashy hxc and rambo are hardcorey thrash

tom and bootboys - 1997 japan - the unseen (boston,ma) split 7''
more street punk, tom and boot boys yeeah!

Friday, July 9, 2010

no admission disclose scarred for life asphyxiated

no admission - 1997 - st 7'' sweden
amazing hc like 80s sweden can make but from the 90s, i know nothing about this band and have never been able to find more info so if you know more about them i wanna read it.

va - mike g mix vol 1 2010 san anto,tx,usa
this is a mix cd my friend mike g made. it is mostly noise, some staticy 2 second songs, some bleepy 20 minute songs. he knows his stuff in this genre so get learned.

disclose - 2005 japan - scarred for life (oakland,ca,usa) split 7''
raw japan punk and crust hc peace from america.

asphyxiated - 2004 - surviving the massacre cd san jose,ca,usa
slightly crusty hc political punk. pro animal, anti capitalist.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

riistetyt opozicion bullet treatment shell shock

riistetyt - 2005 - kahleet 7'' finland my vinyl.rar
raging hxc from hc veterans, darker and heavier than the old stuff.
i saw this band once in a town about an hour away from where i live, it was like a dream come true.

opozicion - 2004 - ruido insurgente 7'' bogota,colombia
catchy and hard political punk with a sax.

bullet treatment - 2004 la habra,ca,usa - shell shock (rochester,ny,usa) split 7''
two bands playing 80s american hc, bullet treatment add some melody. shell shock keep it rough and tough.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

gouka mankind final warning dirt seein red the now denial react

gouka - 1996 - daston split 7'' japan
this is for 7inch crust blog. two crusty hardcore bands from japan.

mankind - 2000ish ct,usa - final warning (ny,ny,usa) split 7''
dont remember the exact year it came out, it was supposed to be released years earlier but got delayed to usual stuff like no money and time. mankind is hardcore punk, final warning got a heavier crusty thing going on.

dirt - 1995 - london,england - mankind (ct,usa) split 7''
this was released after the two bands toured together i think. both bands do fast catchy punk. stacy from mankind went on to sing for dirt when deno quit right before a tour.

mankind - 1990something - won't you join the army now... 7'' ct,usa
i ripped this mankind for a friend who asked if i could make a tape of mankind, i figured i might as well rip em and put em on here while i was at it. fast anarcho hxcpunk.

seein red - 2001 netherlands - the now denial (germany) split 7''
seein red with stripped down fastcore and the now denial with a crusty hxc.

react -2000ish - lp 1999ish and 7''1998 cd
dont remember when this cd came out but its great to have this on cd cuz i can't play my vinyl in my car. this is super catchy heavy dual vocaled crust crust crust. ex deformed conscience and more.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


snifter - mixed shit 1994 - 1996 tape side b
snifter - mixed shit 1994 - 1996 tape side a
snifter is some raw heavy crust, i love this band. i got this tape from catchphraze, i have seen it
in other distros in czech rep or croatia or poland, not sure where it came out originally, i think the original had a different insert so if you have the european version please scan the insert, the catchphraze insert gets a bit off on the tracklist toward the end but i dont know if i corrected it.
any way comment with some info, scans and a good review of snifter.

makara positive negative detestation remains of the day

makara - 1997 - st 7'' cupertino,ca,usa
i dont have the insert that goes with this, if you can scan it andsend it my may i will be happy. i ripped it on 33rpm, it sounds good to me but i could be wrong, this band plays hxc punk mixed iwth melody and newschool hc elements.
instead of leaving a comment you should write your own review. i am bad at these.

positive negative - 1998 tampere,finland - detestation split 7"
positive negative got kaaos and riistetyt members doing 90s style crusty punk, fast hard and good lyrics.
detestation doing more american crust, fast catchy and goodlyrics.

remains of the day - 2000 - st 7'' portland,or,usa
fast and crusty and slow melodic and crusty with good lyrics. this is good and their two full lengths are even better, try

abuso sonoro detestation last match switchblade

abuso sonoro - 1997 sao paulo,brazil - detestation (portland,or,usa) split 7''
two old faves playing political punk

last match - 1998 - switchblade split 7'' stockholm,sweden
two bands playing modern hxc with a definite early 80s american hxc influence

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the brat from east l.a.

the brat was a band from east l.a. who play midpaced melodic punk sometimes going into hardcore territory, very inovative for the time, i first heard em while tape trading with the great katz, we were discussing bands with girls in them and he put the brat on the tape and i fell in love and asked him for more info and included a little history in my first zine, there wasn't much knowledge to be found since they were shortlived but they got back together a few years ago and a cd is being released with their lp and unreleased stuff.
ill post the lp someday, i still only got it on the tape katz made me and a photocopy of a poloroid for the cover art.
heres a lowrider issue they got an interview in.
lowrider the brat

Friday, June 18, 2010

bacteria last mile momido7 ss20 kobayashi

bacteria - 2000ish - fucking chaos 7'' england,japan
got the songs from slsk a while back was looking for info recently and only found a comment by takeshi from cfdl about selling some but it was few years old, this band plays noisey hardcore and was from 1992 in england with takeshi singing while he was there visiting
any scans of this and the actual year it came out would be appreciated

momido 7 - 1990 germany - ss - 20 (france) split 7''
both bands play mid paced to fast punk rock catchy and strong

l - the last mile - 2003 - designed to compensate the lack of intrinsic motivation 7" netherlands
rough, gruff, fast and slow hc with some pretty parts but mostly pounding hc good political and thoughtful lyrics

kobayashi - 2000 - tote stadt gibt es genug 7'' bremen,germany
catchy punk with melody fast to mid paced with heartfelt singing. its on skuld so you can't go wrong, just download it and leave a comment please.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

apatia no rash suffer lost cherrees

apatia no - 2001 venezuela - rash (guadalupe,n.l.,mexico) split 7'
both bands do political hc punk

suffer - 1998 - st(forestofspears)7'' bradford,uk
this one says forest of spears on the inside so i called it that but don;t know if its the real title.
fast crusty hc from ex health hazard

suffer - 1995 - st (onestepcloser)7'' bradford,uk
one step closer is the first song but i think its st anyway here you go with political personal thoughtful hardcore thrash.

lost cherrees - 2003 - another bite of the cherrees 7''
this is the first release when they got back together, the label was new too and seemed to be gearing up a great schedule of releases but i dont know what happened to it soon after, i waited for this to come out and even got the limited edition with transparancy covers, dont know what the regular version looks like, the music is but slicker streetpunkish but still melodic and catchy, lost cherrees all the way. i hope they are still active, i am not too up to date.

kuruma bakudan fet mule another reason

kuruma bakudan - 1998 - st 7'' france
members of coche bomba doing more wierd punk and grind
you might be able to find one at

fet mule - 1998 - vagra leva pa kna 7'' sweden
melodic mid paced punk kinda 77 but with modern pop and hxc mixed in

another reason - 1999 - take control 7'' sweden
early 90s sounding fast hxc in the straight edge scene, good and fast with good lyrics. gang choruses here and there but no kungfu metal crap

robo trumble the swarm a.k.a knee deep in the dead

robo trumble 2009ish rehearsal san anto,tx,usa
this is a two piece brother and sister making noise in my room many times but i only recorded it once, they play their own garage punk tunes and plenty of covers their way.

s - the swarm a.ka. knee deep in the dead - 2000 - old blue eyes is dead 7''
from canada with ex left for dead this kicks much booty with gruff rough hxc and some modern melodic and mosh stuff mixed in.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

unholy grave voetsek edda minuala pyuria ordrenekt

voetsek - 2008 - (san francisco,ca,usa) - unholy grave (japan) split 5''
3 songs go by fast grind thrash

pyuria - 1999 - i'll eat your brain 7'' windsor,on,canada
an old fave pretty catch for grind death metal crust with good lyrics about religion and society

ordrenekt - 2002 - rod himmel rod jord 7'' stavanger,norway
simple 80s style hc with a metal edge, they got a full length but i've never heard it.

edda - 2008 poland - minuala (russia) split cd
both bands do some gruff heavy crusty hc with melody

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the obliterated

o - the obliterated - 1998 - insanity 7'' portland,or,usa
this is some good old street punk, hardcore punk from portland, they have a split 7'' with haywire that ill post sooner or later, and they were on some comps like punx unite.

Monday, May 10, 2010

asocial demo 7" jesters of chaos demo tape

asocial - 625thrash 80.5 - how could hardcore be any worse demo 1982 7''
brutal 80s swedish hardcore this is almost blast beat and for its time thats crazy i love this stuff raw and noisy this is hardcore not that metal called hardcore

jesters of chaos - 1988 - demo seattle,wa,usa
i got this off another cool site i already forgot, sorry. anyway this band rules with some awesome streetpunk mixed with crust and grind. no scans but when i click on a song it has a small picture of what looks like the cover, if any computer smart people know how to save that as a jpeg or something hook it up please. you get the one long track i got plus that one track divided by me, while doing so i noticed a discrepency with the tracklist but ohwell, i think i got it labeled right, thats why i left the original, incase i messed up.

signal lost va - violent noise party

signal lost - 2005 - you'll never get us down again 7'' austin,tx,usa
melodic midpaced to hardcore punk personal and political lyrics

va - violent noise party 7'' 2007
fast bands from hardcore to grind with in disgust, kuolema and more

gloam - 2010 - st cdr san antonio,tx usa

gloam - 2010 - st cdr san antonio,tx usa
these are some friends of mine from my town. they play the most metal punk you will ever hear, if you didn;t know it is punk you would think its metal but calling it metal is an insult.
they hand screened the covers and posters, i tried to put the poster together with the only program i got and its not really for that, so if any one has a good picture program please do it right and send it to me. i left the individual pictures separated in the download plus my attempt to show you what it looks like all together.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

full blown aids demo a few years ago

i been lazy and busy so heres a quick one, brutal grind hxc no scans cuz this is a cdr the guitar player, 40 beers jason, gave me, i just found it on the floor of my car, wouldnt play but was able to rip it except the last song. sounds amazing, heavy as a mother fool.
full blown aids - kiss me much cd san antonio,tx,usa

Thursday, April 15, 2010

siekiera llora ahora rie despues

siekiera - 2009 - na wszystkich frontach swiata cd poland
just the best hardcore you can think of, raw and thick. they released only a demo and a 2 tracks on a comp, there have been boots and oh yeah they made a 7'' and a lp but with a different sound, more killing joke inspired. this has songs from the summer demo and live songs from different times and places try for this or anything else, i love that label, they got the best in anything punk from anywhere, postage is tough for us americans but lucky yall who live in poland or near it for haveing a great label there. i scanned everything though its all in polish.

va - llora ahora, rie despues cd 2007
amazing comp, thrash, metal, crust, melodic, and more its all in here and all from mexico i think, too bad people just put email or website and i am too lazy to check.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

redencion 9.11 oxymoron hopeless dregs of humanity ballast

redencion 9.11 - 2001 - 97 - 01 cd chile
awesome punk their name is a refernce to the day ( i am dumb, some time in the 70's i think) military dictator pinochet (with help from the usa government) took over chile, he through out a democratically elected president. it makes no sence why america says they care about democracy and then help to overthrow democracy. the previous president would not sell his peoples safety provide commerce for americas wealthy so they put in someone who would, pinochet was charged with crimes against humanity for killing and torturing people who opposed him, he lived in luxery even after being ousted and died and old age without ever being punished. the band is thoughtful in their lyrics and music, hard driving melodic sometimes always hardcorepunk.

oxymoron - 1997 - the pack is back cd germany
more catchy fun streetpunk.

hopeless dregs of humanity - 2001 - revolutionary rock apocalypse cd new jersey
political punk from nj, i got this cd from my friends at who were also 2 members of contravene and now play in a cloud forest. i remember this band from the late 90s from their 7'''s but never got this cd so i am thankful to them.

ballast - 2004 - sound asleep cd montreal,qc,canada

a modern classic. fast heavy hardcore with melody and heart. political lyrics and thoughts. the drummer and singer and first second guitar player are now in preying hands who pickup where ballast left off but add a who lot more melody.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

total anarchy latinoamerica amor resistencia y lucha

va - total anarchy cd 2003 1982
this a great comp, i have never seen an original but the cd is good enough and with extra tracks, the best in uk82.

va - Latinoamerica Amor, Resistencia y Lucha cd 1999
i got this cd from my friends at who are haveing a great sale so don't miss out on amazing punk for cheap.
this cd is great half i was familiar with and some were new to me, ranges from reggea influenced punk, melodic punk and all out hxc crust.

Friday, March 19, 2010

grief stratford mercenaries

grief - 2000 - ...and man will become the hunted cd lynn,ma,usa
i am not a fan of sludge in general but i love anything if its done right and this is done right. i love grief. ex disrupt future deformed conscience, state of fear and currently morne.

stratford mercenaries - 1998 - no sighing strains of violins cd england
steve ignorant is still smart and angry and here is little something he did with members of dirt, buzzcocks, doom, ohiesvasara. catchy political punk with some experimentation. i also got two schwarzenegar cds ill post someday, yeah another steve ignorant band.

despise you divisia

despise you - 1999 - west side horizons cd inglewood,ca,usa
62 songs in 44 minutes. thats what i;m talking about. also check out apocalypse from the same area and era and abc diabolo from 90's germany for similar great noise.

divisia - 1996 - what's left of us cd cypress,ca,usa
straight forward hc punk with great lyrics simple catchy fast no frills i can listen to this forever

divisia - 1997 - wifebeater cd anaheim,ca,usa
more great stuff

Friday, March 12, 2010

side by side oxymoron

side by side - 1992 - you're only young once... cd boot of 1988 7'' nj,usa
i think this band was from nj or ny same thing anyway this is another boot cd by that label. as legit reissue was put out also and is still available so check it out as for me i already bought this before the official cd came out, anyway i still wanna get one someday if i ever have extra money cuz the boot label always messes stuff up like track list and song titles. this is 80s style fast hardcore mixed with the new influences of the time, actually i think this band invented those new influences, youth crew posi ny tough stuff is mixed with minor threat.

oxymoron - 1999 - westworld cd germany
classic sounding street punk, one of the worlds best outta the 90s.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

mrtva budoucnost teror slobode

mrtva budoucnost - 1998 - the worst of 94 - 96 tape czech republic
this is raw fast hardcore done with intensity and integrity one of my personal faves since i got their 7''s years and years ago. members are still raging with see you in hell. this came out on malarie records in poland so the lyric sheet is in polish though they really sing in czech.
also try to get some good stuff.

va - teror slobode tape 2003
this is an amazing croatian comp all bands playing a variation of raw punk crust whatever.
i also need to post the crust is dead tape comp but this will sate your palate for now.

skagos tomhet rhythm rhyme and reason fight back lobotomia

skagos - 2008 bc,canada - tomhet (ca,usa) split tape
this is the skagos side, mellow emotional melodic soft metal. i looked up the name thinking it was a greek god or something but i think its a country in a fantasy novel

tomhet - 2008 ca,usa - skagos - (bc,canada) split tape
this is the tomhet side, atmospheric and soft then black metal and back. tomhet means emptiness in swedish.

va - rhythm rhyme and reason 7'' 1997 germany
an amazing comp in the newschool vein of emotional hc and modern hc done with intelligence

fight back - 2009 - collection tape
croation band on american label. simply freakin crust, no metal no slow mess just 90s style fast raw hc political punk this is my favorite stuff

lobotomia - 2003 - st cd reissue 1987 brazil
80s classic hc punk with a strong metal influence and done right and rightly so what do you expect from legendary bands. this is the speedstate reissue and is sold out so i posted it, other versions of this album in reissue form have come before and some after so get one. try black water records in portland, i know they pressed it on vinyl or are going to i dont remember.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

senseless apocalypse offsides a.p.p.l.e.

senseless apocalypse - 1997 - 13 tracks 7'' shimizu city,shizuoka,japan
more top notch crusty grind

offsides - 2009 - no harm done split 7'' florida
offsides really rule with fast slightly melodic hc, no harm done is emo poppy punk, not my thing.

a.p.p.l.e. - 1987 - a sensitive fascist is very rare 7'' ny,ny,usa
some old school ny peace punk similar to the uk anarcho stuff

Monday, March 1, 2010

cyness ohuzaru exosus

cyness - 2001 germany - ohuzaru (italy) split 7''
cyness brutal grind metal from germany
ohuzaru fast fast hc from italy

exosus - 2004 - st 7'' baltimore,md,usa
metally melody heavy hc the guitar player rebecca also sang in flowers in the attic and played guitar in fight amputation

open close my eyes - 2004 - el nuevo milenio 7'' switzerland
this is 80s style hc with some catchyness and posi youth core influences. itll hook you in the first seconds.

r - the riffs - 2002 - such a bore 7'' portland,or,usa
77 punk really catchy almost power pop. the singer was also in defiance when they had two singers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

destroy power not people 7" submachine - sex deterrant 7" revolt - brutally familiar 7

va - destroy power not people 7'' 1995
buncha great bands, total hardcore. this label is wierd, total bootleggers. i bought it so thats why they get away with it, sorry.

submachine - 1993 - sex deterrant 7'' pittsburgh,pa
good old hcpunk

submachine - 1991 - mindless device 7'' pittsburgh,pa
this band takes me back to when drunkpunk,crust pogo whatever was all mixed together.

revolt - 1994 - brutally familiar 7'' ct,usa
crusty political hc

hellshock - 2005 - warlord 7'' portland,or,usa
and now back to the future with metal punk made by fools older than i

Friday, February 19, 2010

yeastie girlz - 1988 - ovary action 7'' berkeley,ca,usa

i heard a song many moons ago and wanted to find more finally thanks to the internet i found a copy for sale in a distro/record story in the used section of course but when i ordered it it was sold, that happened twice, i finally found it on ebay. i bust it out once in a while cuz its the bomb but hard to find i guess so here, a fortune for you.
femmenist acapella rap. i wish i knew to make some beats and make my own versions of these songs with music for the vocals.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

va - destroying southern tradition 7'' 1997

va - destroying southern tradition 7'' 1997
this ones for the pope cuz i know he loves 7'' comps. 4 bands representing the south, deathreat damad suppression equity. equity is the only band i dont know more about. the rest should be common knowledge if theyre not its time you learned.
took off the link sorry, not sure whats going on but i got a notice of copyright violation.
ray ss

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the drapes the seed of the next season

va - the seed of the next season cd 1999
this is just a kick booty comp so dl it or not i don't care

d - the drapes - 1997 - auxiliary cd chicago,il,usa
i saw this band on my 20th bday in 2002 they didnt play any of these songs, the songs they played were 100 times better but this was all they had and its good enough anyway, it was a good night all around, not a good bday but you can't have everything.
its like dirty rocknroll bar music.

Friday, January 22, 2010

voco protesta violent headache excreted alive senseless apocalypse

voco protesta - 2004 - rezisti au morti 7'' tokyo,japan
noise punk like defector and gloom but sung in italian

violent headache - 1997 barna,spain - excreted alive (sevilla,spain) split 7''
two spanish crusty hardcore bands

senseless apocalypse - 1996 shizuoka,japan - gore beyond necropsy split 7''
two noise grind bands from japan

kontrovers - 2001 - st cd sweden
swedish crust epic emotional super catchy

ok if you are in a band and are worried about people stealing your music you have nothing to fear here, most of my uploads are downloaded only once or twice, the most is 8 times.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

noisome faugh flight 800 ageha comp lebensreform capitalist casualties the dread

noisome faugh 1999 - flight 800 split 7'' seattle,wa,usa
n f play a mix of slow and heavy and fast and crazy i first heard them on a comp 7'' cant remember which but i really like them
f 8 are almost the same but less slow and more fast i like them too
oh yeah i just noticed i mispelled noisome as niosome so thats gonna be on the rar like that, sorry

cabal - 1998 - st 7'' france,germany
bubbly gruesome vocals crunchy and metallic guitar fast and even catchy

va - ageha 7'' 2000 germany
this is all german bands that play a mix of emotive hardcore and indy punk they are rule it came with a zine but i didnt scan it and its all in german so i cant read it email soren from the now denial to get a copy he might still have some left

lebensreform - 1997 - retor 7'' hamburg,germany
just got this and had to rip it,thanks pope. top notch hardcore, this is what you want on your cdplayer, cassette deck, turntable mp3 player or whatever.

capitalist casualties - 1993 - the dread split 7'' santa rosa,ca,usa
this one is going way back atleast for me i was only 11 when it came out lucky i was able to find it in distros even when i was 15 or 16. c c play hc the dread play a bit of poppy hc. six weeks records number 1.

amen - 1996 helsinki,finland - short hate temper (el paso,tx) split 7''
amen from finland discrust with oi polloi cover s h t is tx hc fast and crazy i love this record.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

systems more noise for life frigora diskonto groinchurn

ok this blog dont look as good as others but sound for sound i say yes sir i do like it.

systems - 2009 - the desert cdr carrboro,charlotte,nc,usa

this band plays emotive crust hardcore this cd is limited so i put it here my band got to play with em when they passed through town recently, great

more noise for life - 1997 - punk is not only fun 7'' tokyo, japan
blistering hardcore noisey and fast

groinchurn - 1998 - already dead 3'' cd vereeniging,south africa
brutal grind metal
i think the pope already posted this but i was listening to it recently so here ya go.

frigora - 1995 (kawasaki,kanagawa,japan) - diskonto (uppsala, sweden) split 7''
frigora blast through the best swedish inspired hardcore and diskonto come in a close second with discharge influenced noise not music

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new post

rot - 2007 brazil - antigama (poland) split 7''
long time brazil grinder rot here, a personal fave, wierd to see them on this label or maybe its not, what do i know anyway. here is some brutal grindy crust.
antigama are also around for a while but not as old as rot, but thats only my knowledge, i could be wrong. they kick booty with two tracks of brutal grind and a bit of technical skills. what i know for sure is this record is great.

the dick spikey - 2003 shiga,japan - bad nasty (nancy,france) split 7''
two bands playing some good street pogo punk two bands singing in bad english.
it should be worth a download to you atleast, to me its priceless. i am happy to have it in my collection.