Thursday, May 10, 2012


appendix - 2004 - diagnosis ei raha oo mun valuuttaa cd finland
the 2004 version of this cd is different than the 1994 version just slightly.
track 1 is ei raha... but is different than the one on the ei raha... lp.
tracks 2 to 17 is the ei raha... lp
18 and 19 are from the russia bombs finland comp lp
20 is i dont knowits listed as tyhjyys but i dont see that name on their other releases.


riistetyt - 1983 - tiomiopaiva 7'' released 1991 repressed 2005 finland
old school riistetyt, hardcore loud and raw, short sharp guitar riffs and screamed vocals, some mid paced songs with yelled vocals.


detritus - 2009 - st lp antwerpen,belgium
hard, heavy dirty crusty squatter punk.  heavy riffs and fast melodies, dual screamed vocals and  beautiful lyrics from personal to political

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

down but not out

my computer was stolen, so i am at my moms typing this.  still got some rips i put on mediafire that i havent posted here. so i still got some music to share with yall. i  hope to get a new (used) computer soon but since i am broke as a jug it will be a few months most likely.