Friday, March 19, 2010

grief stratford mercenaries

grief - 2000 - ...and man will become the hunted cd lynn,ma,usa
i am not a fan of sludge in general but i love anything if its done right and this is done right. i love grief. ex disrupt future deformed conscience, state of fear and currently morne.

stratford mercenaries - 1998 - no sighing strains of violins cd england
steve ignorant is still smart and angry and here is little something he did with members of dirt, buzzcocks, doom, ohiesvasara. catchy political punk with some experimentation. i also got two schwarzenegar cds ill post someday, yeah another steve ignorant band.

despise you divisia

despise you - 1999 - west side horizons cd inglewood,ca,usa
62 songs in 44 minutes. thats what i;m talking about. also check out apocalypse from the same area and era and abc diabolo from 90's germany for similar great noise.

divisia - 1996 - what's left of us cd cypress,ca,usa
straight forward hc punk with great lyrics simple catchy fast no frills i can listen to this forever

divisia - 1997 - wifebeater cd anaheim,ca,usa
more great stuff

Friday, March 12, 2010

side by side oxymoron

side by side - 1992 - you're only young once... cd boot of 1988 7'' nj,usa
i think this band was from nj or ny same thing anyway this is another boot cd by that label. as legit reissue was put out also and is still available so check it out as for me i already bought this before the official cd came out, anyway i still wanna get one someday if i ever have extra money cuz the boot label always messes stuff up like track list and song titles. this is 80s style fast hardcore mixed with the new influences of the time, actually i think this band invented those new influences, youth crew posi ny tough stuff is mixed with minor threat.

oxymoron - 1999 - westworld cd germany
classic sounding street punk, one of the worlds best outta the 90s.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

mrtva budoucnost teror slobode

mrtva budoucnost - 1998 - the worst of 94 - 96 tape czech republic
this is raw fast hardcore done with intensity and integrity one of my personal faves since i got their 7''s years and years ago. members are still raging with see you in hell. this came out on malarie records in poland so the lyric sheet is in polish though they really sing in czech.
also try to get some good stuff.

va - teror slobode tape 2003
this is an amazing croatian comp all bands playing a variation of raw punk crust whatever.
i also need to post the crust is dead tape comp but this will sate your palate for now.

skagos tomhet rhythm rhyme and reason fight back lobotomia

skagos - 2008 bc,canada - tomhet (ca,usa) split tape
this is the skagos side, mellow emotional melodic soft metal. i looked up the name thinking it was a greek god or something but i think its a country in a fantasy novel

tomhet - 2008 ca,usa - skagos - (bc,canada) split tape
this is the tomhet side, atmospheric and soft then black metal and back. tomhet means emptiness in swedish.

va - rhythm rhyme and reason 7'' 1997 germany
an amazing comp in the newschool vein of emotional hc and modern hc done with intelligence

fight back - 2009 - collection tape
croation band on american label. simply freakin crust, no metal no slow mess just 90s style fast raw hc political punk this is my favorite stuff

lobotomia - 2003 - st cd reissue 1987 brazil
80s classic hc punk with a strong metal influence and done right and rightly so what do you expect from legendary bands. this is the speedstate reissue and is sold out so i posted it, other versions of this album in reissue form have come before and some after so get one. try black water records in portland, i know they pressed it on vinyl or are going to i dont remember.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

senseless apocalypse offsides a.p.p.l.e.

senseless apocalypse - 1997 - 13 tracks 7'' shimizu city,shizuoka,japan
more top notch crusty grind

offsides - 2009 - no harm done split 7'' florida
offsides really rule with fast slightly melodic hc, no harm done is emo poppy punk, not my thing.

a.p.p.l.e. - 1987 - a sensitive fascist is very rare 7'' ny,ny,usa
some old school ny peace punk similar to the uk anarcho stuff

Monday, March 1, 2010

cyness ohuzaru exosus

cyness - 2001 germany - ohuzaru (italy) split 7''
cyness brutal grind metal from germany
ohuzaru fast fast hc from italy

exosus - 2004 - st 7'' baltimore,md,usa
metally melody heavy hc the guitar player rebecca also sang in flowers in the attic and played guitar in fight amputation

open close my eyes - 2004 - el nuevo milenio 7'' switzerland
this is 80s style hc with some catchyness and posi youth core influences. itll hook you in the first seconds.

r - the riffs - 2002 - such a bore 7'' portland,or,usa
77 punk really catchy almost power pop. the singer was also in defiance when they had two singers.