Thursday, September 9, 2010

clockwork cockrock dispose dead vaadat kishut scatha

clockwork cockrock - 2004 - counter fucks demo tape san antonio,tx,usa.rar
this is a band i played drums in. it started under a bridge passing a 40oz around. ashtray who would be the singer said its going counter clockwork, she was buzzed and meant counter clockwise. i said thats a good name for a band counter clockwork. mandee who would play bass said to call it the cockrock fucks. i said how about counter clockwork cockrock fucks. everyone said thats too long so we settled on clockwork cockrock. we made this recordig in my room on an old boombox with elliott on guitar as always and chris m. on bass cuz mandee was absent.

dispose - 2005 - four deadly bomb splinters demo tape

this is a dis band i was in briefly, no shows just this boombox recording.

dead - 2006 - sell the rich demo tape
another short lived band with boom box recording and me in it.

israel punk hxc sang in hebrew, not sure on the year its when i got it and their website says broken up with not much more info.
classic crust at its best

Thursday, September 2, 2010

sinix sic resist and exist hope cunt'n bananaaz secret seven f.p.o.

sinix - 2000something - demo cdr san antonio,tx,usa.rar

more early to mid 2000s san anto street punk, i copied this from my friend all those
years ago cuz i was broke as a jug and couldn;t buy my own for the giant amount of 2 or 3 bux
they cost, oh well. you don;t get cover art or tracklist.

va - virus lp 1988

a great comp but you only get the sic tracks since this sic music is taken from a bootleg cd i got called the jungle hop years.

if anyone knows where i can download this lp in full thanks.
i might have it on tape from a trade years ago but still a download please or a cdr in the mail.

sic - live ep ecocentric records 02-15-1988 shinjuku loft.rar

more from the sic cd

sic - 1988 - rose rose split lp japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this lp in full please i would love it.

sic - 1988 - fearless vampire killers split 7 '' flexi japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this 7'' in full i would love you.

resist and exist - 1998 - dare to struggle dare to win 7'' fullerton,ca,usa my vinyl.rar

an old personal fave takes me back to younger days, a friend told me they played my town in 2000 and i heard nothing of it till he mentiond it so i am super sad to know i missed em, he said there wasn;t many people. freaking sucks.

secret seven - 2004 singapore - f.p.o. (macedonia) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

i had to put this, singapore punk yeah.

cunt'n bananaaz (fukuoka,japan) - hope (kyoto,japan) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

two amazing noisy hcgrindpunk

turn around norman chupacabra moral hazard think don't pray mass grave

turn around norman - 2000 - st 7'' morgantown,wv,usa my vinyl.rar

amazing emotional punk hxc

think don't pray - 2007 calgary,canada - mass grave (vancouver,bc,canada) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

two grind punk bands from canada

chupacabra - 2000 calgary,ab,canada - moral hazard (portland,or,usa) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

wow coincidence another calgary band. chupacabra are a personal fave. i;ll put their cd and full 7'' later. two crust punk bands. politcal and challenging lyrics by both of course.