Monday, July 26, 2010

va - not proud to be french 7'' va - there's more than male voice choirs in wales tape

va - not proud to be french 7'' 1996
a really good comp with abuso sonoro, seein red and battle of disarm and more

va - there's more than male voice choirs in wales tape 1980s
i dont know much about this, i just got the tape and the cover with no track list. if you can help with a track list, year it came out and can tell me if it had an insert or not i will be happy.
thanks. all band kick booty with varying styles of anarcho peace hardcore punk. no choice, foreign legion, classified protest and many more.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

guyana punch line 9 shocks terror the killers

guyana punch line - 2000 - youth for smashism 7'' colombia,sc
this band rules

9 shocks terror - 2000 cleveland,oh,usa - the killers (chicago,il,usa
hxc and hxcer, i was suprised when a mainstream band had the name the killers cuz i had heard of this band first, my friend who listens to that stuff showed me them and i showed her this the killers.

the unseen tom and boot boys crucial unit rambo

u - the unseen - 1996 - raise your finger raise your fist 7'' boston,ma
street punk

crucial unit - 2010 pittsburgh,pa,usa - rambo (philly,pa,usa) split 7''
crucial unit are thrashy hxc and rambo are hardcorey thrash

tom and bootboys - 1997 japan - the unseen (boston,ma) split 7''
more street punk, tom and boot boys yeeah!

Friday, July 9, 2010

no admission disclose scarred for life asphyxiated

no admission - 1997 - st 7'' sweden
amazing hc like 80s sweden can make but from the 90s, i know nothing about this band and have never been able to find more info so if you know more about them i wanna read it.

va - mike g mix vol 1 2010 san anto,tx,usa
this is a mix cd my friend mike g made. it is mostly noise, some staticy 2 second songs, some bleepy 20 minute songs. he knows his stuff in this genre so get learned.

disclose - 2005 japan - scarred for life (oakland,ca,usa) split 7''
raw japan punk and crust hc peace from america.

asphyxiated - 2004 - surviving the massacre cd san jose,ca,usa
slightly crusty hc political punk. pro animal, anti capitalist.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

riistetyt opozicion bullet treatment shell shock

riistetyt - 2005 - kahleet 7'' finland my vinyl.rar
raging hxc from hc veterans, darker and heavier than the old stuff.
i saw this band once in a town about an hour away from where i live, it was like a dream come true.

opozicion - 2004 - ruido insurgente 7'' bogota,colombia
catchy and hard political punk with a sax.

bullet treatment - 2004 la habra,ca,usa - shell shock (rochester,ny,usa) split 7''
two bands playing 80s american hc, bullet treatment add some melody. shell shock keep it rough and tough.