Saturday, May 22, 2010

unholy grave voetsek edda minuala pyuria ordrenekt

voetsek - 2008 - (san francisco,ca,usa) - unholy grave (japan) split 5''
3 songs go by fast grind thrash

pyuria - 1999 - i'll eat your brain 7'' windsor,on,canada
an old fave pretty catch for grind death metal crust with good lyrics about religion and society

ordrenekt - 2002 - rod himmel rod jord 7'' stavanger,norway
simple 80s style hc with a metal edge, they got a full length but i've never heard it.

edda - 2008 poland - minuala (russia) split cd
both bands do some gruff heavy crusty hc with melody

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the obliterated

o - the obliterated - 1998 - insanity 7'' portland,or,usa
this is some good old street punk, hardcore punk from portland, they have a split 7'' with haywire that ill post sooner or later, and they were on some comps like punx unite.

Monday, May 10, 2010

asocial demo 7" jesters of chaos demo tape

asocial - 625thrash 80.5 - how could hardcore be any worse demo 1982 7''
brutal 80s swedish hardcore this is almost blast beat and for its time thats crazy i love this stuff raw and noisy this is hardcore not that metal called hardcore

jesters of chaos - 1988 - demo seattle,wa,usa
i got this off another cool site i already forgot, sorry. anyway this band rules with some awesome streetpunk mixed with crust and grind. no scans but when i click on a song it has a small picture of what looks like the cover, if any computer smart people know how to save that as a jpeg or something hook it up please. you get the one long track i got plus that one track divided by me, while doing so i noticed a discrepency with the tracklist but ohwell, i think i got it labeled right, thats why i left the original, incase i messed up.

signal lost va - violent noise party

signal lost - 2005 - you'll never get us down again 7'' austin,tx,usa
melodic midpaced to hardcore punk personal and political lyrics

va - violent noise party 7'' 2007
fast bands from hardcore to grind with in disgust, kuolema and more

gloam - 2010 - st cdr san antonio,tx usa

gloam - 2010 - st cdr san antonio,tx usa
these are some friends of mine from my town. they play the most metal punk you will ever hear, if you didn;t know it is punk you would think its metal but calling it metal is an insult.
they hand screened the covers and posters, i tried to put the poster together with the only program i got and its not really for that, so if any one has a good picture program please do it right and send it to me. i left the individual pictures separated in the download plus my attempt to show you what it looks like all together.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

full blown aids demo a few years ago

i been lazy and busy so heres a quick one, brutal grind hxc no scans cuz this is a cdr the guitar player, 40 beers jason, gave me, i just found it on the floor of my car, wouldnt play but was able to rip it except the last song. sounds amazing, heavy as a mother fool.
full blown aids - kiss me much cd san antonio,tx,usa