Monday, October 24, 2011

the illegals

the illegals demo san antonio,tx
this band was around in the 90s i think and are friends of a friend, good poppy punk but not too poppy, a bit of bad religion sound mixed with fun lyrics.


discard - 2011 - sound of war discography cd sweden

guess this is a bootleg but maybe not

the first and best disband this has two demos, one was released on the comp tape stockholms mangel and some of those songs were made into a 7''. plus you get 2 songs from a rehearsal. also the full length lp which was made years later and with only the singer but its half old songs and some new songs, good but not great as the original recordings.

not only is it discharge influenced its even more brutally done by two mob 47 members in the original lineup.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


conclude - 2000 - kaikki on paskaa cdr tokyo,japan
80s finland style from japan sang in japanese,finnish,english. short catchy and raw. think old kaaos, riistetyt.

the applicators

the applicators - 2001 - whats your excuse cd austin,tx,usa
punk rock with a riot girl influence and lots of originality that only an all girl band can come up with.

semi automatics

the semi automatics - under attack cdr san antonio,tx
got this around the early or mid 2000s. awesome catchy street punk right somewhere between 77 and 82

Friday, October 14, 2011


hellchild - 1998 - circulating contradiction cd japan
very metally grind punk, their first full length after a few 7''s hg fact and other underground punk labels


anfo - 2002 - la sangre de latinoamerica lucha y resiste 7'' peru

total hardcore punk and strong lyrics about living with an oppressive government. anfo is the abbreviation for a type of explosive and i think i read that this is the first punk vinyl to come out of peru.

smol majestic four

smol - 1997 sweden - majestic four (japan) split 7''
smol are amazing crust punk, think state of fear.
majestic four are hyper intense hc punk

kim champion

kim champion - 2011 - knobby knees cdr houston,tx,usa
great folk punk


dcoi 2010 vol 2 7'' davis,ca,usa

hardcore punk, really fast and intense and still full of melody

agathocles depressor

agathocles - 2000 belgium - depressor (san francisco,ca,usa) split 7''

agathocles are well known grindcore with crust punk mixed in

depressor are heavy dark crust with some grind mixed in

Saturday, October 1, 2011


totalitar - 2006 - vi ar eliten 7'' sweden
long time hc greats , raw songs with that 80s brutality and modern clean production.
think svart parad but smoother and faster


season - 1999 - st 7'' caen,france
great metallic crusty hc

moderat likvidation

moderat likvidation - 2006 - nitad 7'' repress of 1984 st 7'' sweden
raw hc kind of pogoey