Tuesday, January 18, 2011

va - don't forget the punks of bangkok one sided 12''

va - don't forget the punks of bangkok one sided 12''
i got this from my friend katz in l.a.,ca a while back and dicided to put it on here for no good reason, heres a recent email from him about it since listening to it again got me curious.

the comp was the idea of luk haas, who does TAM'89 records, to whom i was one of the inspirations for him starting a record label. it was for a friend of his he had met while in thailand, "dok mohok"... for a living he would sell used clothing at the open market and would work as an extra in low budget movies whenever they need punk thugs in it. he got severe eye injuries when one of the movie lights blew up in his face, leaving him blind... luk wanted to find a way to get him some bux to get much needed medical treatment. i offered to put out a benefit comp 7" to help out in gathering money for the cause. luk gathered up some bands and sent me the trax. the reason why it ended up coming out as a one-sided 12" is because there were too many trax and i didn't want to delete any of them, so that's what happened. i spent a total of $800 on the project, as i wanted to keep costs down. i shipped a bunch of copies to various distros for free on the condition that whatever they made from the sale go to luk haas, who would then wire the money to a friend of his working at the french embassy in neighboring laos, who also knows dok mohok, who set up a special bank account for him just to make sure that the money actually got to him safe and secure, as dok and his family lived in the slums where mail delivery is pretty much regretable. dok would eventually get the first $500 from the sales of the benefit comp, of which paid for his eye surgery, the back rent owed on his shack, and the school fee for his young daughter. through the surgery he was able to get a small fraction of his sight back... enough to discern light and dark shades, but still legally blind. he continues to sell used clothing at the markets stalls. the last i heard about dok mohok is that he is still blind but doing okay. at least the effort we put in did go a long way, as it helped pay for so many other expenses. it also let a lot of poeple know that there was a scene in thailand, of which great interest would be shown in bands from indo-china region.i hope that gives ya an idea what good it was able to do? take care! cheers!~katz

Sunday, January 16, 2011

adelitas - guerilla armada con melodias cd

adelitas - 2007 - guerilla armada con melodias cd portland,or,usa

melodic hxc punk mixed with crust,ska and traditional mexican music namely corridos(ballads) sang in spanish with lyrics about indiginous struggle and anticapitalist revolution

rapt - a never ending nightmare

rapt - 1997 - a never ending nightmare lp vernon,france my lp no sleeve

rowdy hard core from the 80s, i dont know what recordings are on here it was made without a sleeve

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

what is crust what is melo core be different hardcore comp cd

va - what is crust what is melocore be different hardcore cd 1998 japan

a modern classic frigora disclose the addiction defiance(japan) andmore. every band is a winner.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the vamps fearless iranians from hell

v - the vamps - 1980 - nowhere to go 7'' san antonio,tx,usa
rare san anto punk, this band opened for the sex pistols when they played here in 78 at randys rodeo, now its randy bingo and is on the west side and a 5min drive from my house. 77 punk, think stooges and rolling stones.

fearless iranians from hell - 1988 - holy war lp san antonio,tx,usa
taken from a tape of the record since i dont own a real copy. good hxc punk. some thrash and metal elements but done good and don't ruin it. i like this and i dont like much thrash. this band was all white people with an iranian friend and its like a gimmick and satire and really brave given the political climate and no shortage of violent idiots in this town and country and world.

mystery dates the rejects

mystery dates - 1982 - st 7'' san antonio,tx,usa
songs are from a tape but i dont know if the person who taped it has the record or is this a tape of a tape. rare san anto punk. 77 style punk mixed with power pop and rock n roll.

r - the rejects - 1980 - back to school 7'' san antonio,tx,usa
songs are from a tape but i dont know if the person who taped it has the record or is this a tape of a tape. super rare san anto punk. simple punk, kinda rock and poppy and noisey

noisecat kakistocracy

noisecat - 2008 - control demo cdr japan
noise punk like gai but with drab vocals that almost ruin it.

kakistocracy - 1999 - demo tape bristol,va,usa
these songs are from a mix tape i got in a trade so i dont have the cover but am pretty sure this is the demo. political hxc punk.

death crisis marissa sendejo

death crisis - 2008 - st 7'' san diego,ca,usa
raw hardcore punk sang in spanish and english, makes me thing of casualties mixed with aus rotten, they played at my house a while back and are great people.

great piano playing and singing. kinda folky and poppy and hard to describe but fun to listen.