Thursday, August 28, 2014

we need to talk

fast brutal yet catchy melodic male female trade off vocals we need to talk 7''


dissent and turbokrieg two fast crust bands. dissent has a raw evil feel and turbokrieg has a power metal mixed in their grindy short songs dissent

mrtva budoucnost

fast crusty hardcore like mob 47 mixed with grind mrtva budoucnost

ulrikes dream

dirty grind with angry and rowdy anti authority lyrics
ulrikes dream 7''

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

dearbornss dearborn

90s Chicago style hc. brutal fast and to the point. 7''

margeret thrasher kohosh krigshot porkeria

an all female ( I think) hc band from Canada. great music and great lyrics about rape, friendship and personal stuff like that, very passionate. you just gotta check it out yourself to know what I mean or find your own meaning. 7''
melodic peace punk with cello, kinda dark and crusty . imagine ballast with a not as good singer but really trying. 12''
brutal kang core, mob 47 worship 7''
rio grande valley hc punk, mix uk82 and 90s American crust punk with lyrics In Spanish 12''

Saturday, May 17, 2014

abortti 13 envy code 13 fronterrorismo

abortti 13 finland punk 7'' 
envy japan hc emo punk ambient something else band split 10''
code 13 Minneapolis fast core,hxc politico punks a part of america died today 7''
down to agony tragedy style dbeat from spain 7''
fronterrorismo l.a. hc in Spanish female singer political lyrics 7''
biocidio grind hxc from phoenix 7''

Monday, March 31, 2014

boneblack deadly sins akkolyte eos diskonto distjej kriminela 83 beyond description kontrovers disprove

Canadian darkened crust, male female trade off growls, heavy guitars and pounding drums st lp 2011
4x7'' comp with damad kill the man who questions and more kick ass crusty hc each band tackling a 7 deadly sin and questioning Christianity in hc deadly sins
akkolyte are doomy somber grind with only drums and bass and vocals and eos are 90s style political crust punk with male female vocals split 7''
two mid 90s Swedish hc crust diskonto has more of a dbeat thing and distjej go into blast beat most of the time split 7''
blown out hc punk from japan, noisy as disclose , bouncy as partisans kriminela 83
beyond description are thrash punk to the max, super catchy, on the verge of metal but always punk and hc kontrovers are brutal dbeat like skitsystem and even more pissed off split 7''
past present and future members of beyond description switching instruments and playing some down and dirty raw dbeat hc punk disprove
cumbrage play raw scandicore crust punk dismachine play dbeat and grind mix swedish hc


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

olive juice crucial section calf branding kill the man who questions

olive juice is my homegirl making beats and singing about stuff. its totally awesome, mellow hip hop synth pop can only get close to describing her sound since its really original and unique. olive juice

calf branding is pogo punk crucial section is fast core split 7''
kill the man who questions is pissed off dark hardcore with something to say about society.  vicious male,female trade off screaming over pummeling drums and heavy guitar and bass, theres even some melody. these songs are even catchy. numberonea*shole

Saturday, March 1, 2014

not impressed disclose homomilitia

not impressed is a san Antonio hc punk band with some thrash metal influence, reminds me of early dri being made with nwobhm and powerviolence in mind. demo 2013
disclose plays dbeat with blown out fuzzy guitar. homomilitia plays crust punk, male female alternating vocals, galloping pace, intense and angry. split 7''

Thursday, February 13, 2014

shock troop ubr

shock troop playing aggressive hc punk suck my blood
ubr from Yugoslavia from the 80s play hc like black flag mixed with disorder and partisans harmonija

Saturday, January 11, 2014

ripcord c.r. chris and stephanie downtown noise punker vol 2 a better hope foundation here we stand epajarjestys tocatta y bulla

80s fast political hc from England more songs about
compassionate revolution or c.r. as you see their name on all the releases and flyers . mid 90s hc, extra fast maybe even fastcore, they do an infest cover.  lyrics are personal and mostly positive. discog
chris and Stephanie are like folk punk for lack of a better term.  acoustic guitar, violin, melodic singing, sometimes more folky, sometimes all oldschool country. personal lyrics predicted the whole civil war
downtown noise punker volume 2 a cdr made by mr wanky I think, correct me if im wrong.  noise punk. like 5 bands I think, download it if you like chaos channel and stuff like that. these are all newr bands most awesome like shit box, merciless game, some not so much like chaos destroy,lotus fuker va-downtown noisepunker vol2 cdr
heavy fast melodic catchy the nicest people you will ever meet, they have tourd all over America, south America, se asia, mexico buy bus . check em out a better hope foundation - 2008 - trading heroes for ghost cd
a Korean punk compilation mostly 77 or 82 style from south korea here we stand 3'' cd 1997 korean punk compilation
mid 90s raw crust finland hc just the way it should be . brutal, simple, no frills hc attack epajarjestys - st cd finland 1996
Ecuador power violence political lyrics tocatta & bulla - 3'' cd