Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this is the title

anti mob

http://www.thebaitvoid.com/ a new england band with in it crusty hc with a little industrial
http://www.nakkeskudd.com/ norway label put out the bait 7'' and more


death dust extractor

wat tyler
dont think they're around members in hard skin now
any address here is prolly out of date

antimob - st 7'' anthens,greece 2007
this is still easy to find in distros world wide so buy it
mid paced crust with melody

besthoven - visions of hell 7'' gama df, brazil 2008
discharge style punk

death dust extractor - slay your masters or slave in chains 7'' japan 2009
grindy hardcore gruff vocals

contravene - prison sells 7'' phoenix,az,usa 2003
classic peace punk

wat tyler - sexless 7'' london,england 1993
some uk peace punk mixed with stand up comedy

dont just listen to the music

i put scans so you can read lyrics not thanks list
also pay attention to contacts
go to the websites and emails you find on
the inserts
make friends with the bands or order their stuff
some have labels and distros
i am too lazy to type in links
i have uploaded this stuff
now its up to you to

fuck on the beach (japan) - matka teresa (amsterdam,nl) split 7'' 2002
grind grind grind crusty hc grind

huasipungo - tiempos de miseria y lucha 7'' elmhurst,ny 1995
simple hardcore punk in spanishh and political

thatcher on acid - chagrin 7'' london,engand 1991
anarcho punk

va - a history of compassion and justice 7''
classic 90s hc against imperialist america

va - left back let down 2x7'' 1995
fastcore powerviolence good stuff

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

titles are stupid

anarcolepsia - demo tape venezuela 2007
amazing female fronted hc punk the tracklist is correct, the inserts are wrong, maybe the cd is like that but the tape that i got has the songs all mixed around. i had a great time listening this over and over and readding the great lyrics while arranging the correct song titles

backslider (philadelphia,pa,usa) - no comply (st. augustine,fl,usa) split tape 2009
advance for split 7''
bs is 90s style pwer violnece
n c is doing what they do since te 90s with their powervilence

backslider - skullfracturing fastcore tape philadelphia,pa,usa 2009
this is some fast hardcore like los crudos with shorter songs 12 in 5 minutes

hatred surge - deconstruct tape austin,tx,usa 2009
boy and girl singers raging hardcore

maladie - st tape tijuana,mexico 2009
super great music hear sung in spanish
emotional and melodic hard and core

mindless - demo tape austin,tx,usa 2008
woman screaming over tough and fast hc

terror y miseria - somos lo ke hacemos para kambiar lo ke somos cd argentina 2004
ultra politcal punk fighting for punk and love in the 3rd world it took me forever
to scan the booklet so download this and read along, if you dont know spanish
learn, i only kno w alittle but friend and internet help to get by

Friday, October 9, 2009

i think these are all splits

charogne stone - fatal nunchaku split 7'' france 2008
two french bands playing fast hc

deathrace (ex svart parad, asocial) - misantropic split 7'' sweden 2009
two swedish bands playing 80s hardcore crust
deathrace freaking rule, listening to them takes me back to when i was first listening to this stuff and it felt really exciting, now i hear new bands of this style and its good even great but i feel like i am better off just listening to the old bands i already have rather than learning the new bands but deathrace dont give me that feeling, no wonder they have experience in the bands that got me into this stuff. it shows in the way they do it better than anyone else out there. too bad they are not around anymore. members still play in other bands like uncurbed and crossing chaos.
and the bands got those websites you know which one
its the website/misantropichardcore

disclose - framtid split 7'' japan 2004
the two best crasher crust from japan
if you like discharge and excrement of war you like this

framtid (japan) - seein red (netherlands) split 7'' 2007
once again top notch heavy distorted crust from framtid in japan
and fast 80s style hc from seeinred in netherlands from people who are all making hc since the 80 and were in legendary noise fast hc larm

nondeskript -human compost split 7'' besancon, france 2007
two crusty bands from france
nondeskript mix heavy crust with pretty sounding epic metal but never slow down they take the cake here
human compost play straight forward heavy heavy crust

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more great records buyem if you can

black september (chicago,il,usa) - thou (la,usa) split 7'' 2008
black september is ex thin the herd but they play the same metallic crust
thou is slow crust
by black september stuff at


born b.c. - the power and the privelige ep 7'' e.yorks, england, uk 1982
i can't figure out the way people in england write their addressess, do they got states and cities or what, there is so much going on in an address but never a country like scotland or england its always just uk i hate that so i am guessing e. yorks is the state, they have counties and regions i think but i dont know what that means anyway
the music is great early 80s uk political punk not too fast but not oi, this is a peice of history and i am so happy to have it.

the discocks - voice of youth 7'' japan 1992
these guys are happy enough with the oi label, in japan they way they say hey (which is what we say in america) sound like oi also so i like to think there is no england worship but its undeniable since they say thanks to no future records and stuff. anyway i love that type of stuff.
this record takes me back though iw as ten when it came out the discocks are a band i got into in my early teens once i was punk enough to start listening to bands a bit lesser known than clash and dead kennedys.

natural cause (madison,wi,usa) - blatherskite (cumberland,in,usa) split 7'' 1992
here is an old record i actually just got used
natural cause made me buy it, i have their full 7'' on profane existence which also came out early 90s and i was lucky to get it in late 90s, i never even knew about this record but rhetoric records was a label with a great distro i used to order from in the 90s, there is a wierd story why that label isnt around but i dont know enough about it to post it on here.
natural cause play experimental punk, its not artsy just goes from punky to almost grungy and is remeniscent of that time actually.
blatherskite i had never heard of but they play one song sludgy and heavy like toxic narcotic or corrupted and one song almost the same but with hip hop singing. its really not as bad as it looks in my description, atleast its not rap metal and a million times better than anthrax(us) not anthrax (uk) they rule.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

please comment am i doing this for no one i hope someone is downloading

accione mutante - all your base are belong to us 7'' gbg,sweden 2002
sounds like modern boys trying to sound like 70s punk garage rock
no this is not the german crust band
also i have read there is an 80s italian band named accione mutante but
i have never been able to get their music

chorea - wir konnen nicht nur von alten taten sprechen... 7'' germany 1997
amazing freaking german crust you might know them from the split with asmodinas leichenhaus you can download on am i mean

my own lies - houses in texas split 7'' germany 2000
more great crust punk
m o l are heavy hc with melody
h i t are like a great mix of death metal heavyness black metal melody and punk smartness

open wound - stanglehold 7'' 33rpm australia 2003
songs were recorded 98ish
strong fast intence grind crust with metal touches
this band probably influenced insect warfare

va - at war now an anti war comp 7'' 2000s
dont know what year exactly
this was repressed but is sold out again
everyband kicks booty ranging from slow screaming melodic to fastcore grind stuff

va - onslaught international hc comp 7'' 2001
20 bands on one 7'' so you know its good
a whos who of fast hardcore, insult (netherlands) bizarre x and more