Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my first blog

my first blog is a download i got from by a band called edelweiss piraten from poland i chose this because the music is great and i first learned of what edelweiss piraten a few months ago when i was listening to a record by australian band vae victis who explain e p was a group of teens who existed during wwII and rejected hitler and fought with hitler youth. i think that is cool. the mediafire link is mine but i got the rar from let me know if it works i am totally new at this.
the reason i chose a rip from another blog because i love many great blogs on the web and this is a tribute to the great blogs that inspired me to make one like
am i mean , and and many many more. thanks again.
ray ss this should be the link to the rar let me know whats up so i can fix this and do better


whispered into existence said...

Hey Ray, thanks for the comments man! I've ripped & scanned the Kaoos/Svart Aggression spit 7" - do you wanna post it simultaneously? You can also post it before me, there's no 'I saw it first!' or anything :). I'm thinking of doing it tomorrow, Friday the 13th & all.

rayss said...

i havent riped or scanned it yet, i am very slow at everything i do. i have plenty in mind i hope you and others will enjoy
take care
ray ss