Monday, April 6, 2009

new band with members of plf and insect warfare

learn more at i dont got a track list cuz it didnt come with a cover just a cd and a sticker with the band name and demo title i saw em on april 4 2009 in san antonio,tx,usa i recognize the drummer from plf but i know he was insect warfare he also played drums that night with a band called heavy roach activity they have a crossover mid 80s thrash sound but i didn;t like em

ok song titles and lyrics thanks to a message at that website

#1 Sadistic Executionwith
dreary eyes I gaze upon the fields of the dead
stepping over carcasses and gore that is surrounding
vulture’s pecking at the flesh, gouging out the eyes
sifting through the bodies, I see there is no god
wading through the blood/choking on the mother fucking stench
the sights and sounds of mortality curdle my blood
devastation at the hands of these brutal bastards-
systematic killing
sadistic execution
sifting through the bodies I see my fate
as another statistic damned to fucking hell-
damned to fucking hellno hope for humanity
war stricken people
damned to fucking agony

#2 Visions of a Terminal Reality
An array of bullets mask the horizonA rain of bombs cloud the skyThe rich man pushes the buttonThe poor man is blown to pieces-A child’s dream disruptedBy the crank of the sovereign tank-The metal monster battalionDrudge through the boiling blood-A schoolyard scorched by napalmBut no one’s played there for yearsThe Machines aren’t affected by the heatBut the populous beg for death…-Gears are grinding, pistons: pumpingRotors are turning, bullets: flying-They strike at midnight sharpRobots don’t need light to fightthe barrage slowly passes; everyoneis dead by dawn

#3 Nuclear Nightmare
57 seconds to end historyFrozen in a moment of terrorThermal pulses scorchesMiles of humans, buildingsAnd everything in between-…Melting flesh…Blinded eyesNone can see God past the blackened skies-Half an hour laterIt rains thick black drops-Poisoned radioactive particles contaminates all caught in the wind-Contaminates all caught in the wind

#4 Perverted Morals
Our Christian nation is a façadeA social construct for controlBehind the bible coverAre satanic leaders from centuries beforeLeaders of nations/across the globeDescend from the same bloodlinesThe same secret societiesAnd the same fucking perverted moralsThey preach against but at the same time, kill forIt goes deeper than we will ever fucking know

#5 The Process of Becoming a Number
First they said it was to track animalsSecond it was to keep track of criminalsNext it was for the elderly wandering offNow that they have us used to the idea…Corporations will force employeesAnd babies will be chipped at birthBefore you realize what has happenedYou will be jailed for not being marked-IBM sponsored the Third ReichTurning people into numbersNow they back the VerichipWhich threatens to control us all-You are the animalYou are the criminalRefuse to be a number!Refuse to be fucking chipped!

#6 An Overview of Desolation
As I stumble out of the ruins-covered in flesh-dustdripping with brain-fluidtripping over decapitated heads

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