Monday, November 30, 2009

some old stuff

union - 1992 - anaesthetized 7'' mjolby,sweden
hardcore punk with political lyrics as you can expect from the 90s might have a copy i saw it by coincidence
while browsing a few weeks back

serious drinking - 1984 - country girl became drugs and sex punk 7'' london,england
i read the name on jackets and punk historys but it took a few years to track down some
music. back when tape trading was still the primary music sharing i was able to find
someone who taped me their lp. all these years later i sill need to get that record but
i found this instead. good enough. music is punk,ska but not too ska. imagine a punkyer

serious drinking - 1983 - hangover 7'' london,england
this is my favorite off the revolutions starts at closing time lp so i was happy to find
it was also a single with lyrics cuz there were bits i couldn;t figure out.
i got another 7'' but will post it later or sooner if someone makes a special request.

nojsbojs - 1996 - propaganda frisyrer rocknroll komersialism 7'' sweden
short fast noisey hardcore

active minds - 1994 - the lunatics have taken over the asylum 7'' flexi n.yorks,england
this is in a few blogs but its cool anyway so i posted it too
simple catchy hardcore punk with strong political feelings

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