Thursday, April 15, 2010

siekiera llora ahora rie despues

siekiera - 2009 - na wszystkich frontach swiata cd poland
just the best hardcore you can think of, raw and thick. they released only a demo and a 2 tracks on a comp, there have been boots and oh yeah they made a 7'' and a lp but with a different sound, more killing joke inspired. this has songs from the summer demo and live songs from different times and places try for this or anything else, i love that label, they got the best in anything punk from anywhere, postage is tough for us americans but lucky yall who live in poland or near it for haveing a great label there. i scanned everything though its all in polish.

va - llora ahora, rie despues cd 2007
amazing comp, thrash, metal, crust, melodic, and more its all in here and all from mexico i think, too bad people just put email or website and i am too lazy to check.

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