Monday, May 10, 2010

asocial demo 7" jesters of chaos demo tape

asocial - 625thrash 80.5 - how could hardcore be any worse demo 1982 7''
brutal 80s swedish hardcore this is almost blast beat and for its time thats crazy i love this stuff raw and noisy this is hardcore not that metal called hardcore

jesters of chaos - 1988 - demo seattle,wa,usa
i got this off another cool site i already forgot, sorry. anyway this band rules with some awesome streetpunk mixed with crust and grind. no scans but when i click on a song it has a small picture of what looks like the cover, if any computer smart people know how to save that as a jpeg or something hook it up please. you get the one long track i got plus that one track divided by me, while doing so i noticed a discrepency with the tracklist but ohwell, i think i got it labeled right, thats why i left the original, incase i messed up.

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punkarra said...

please upload Jester of Chaos demo.Thanks from spain.Great blog.