Friday, July 9, 2010

no admission disclose scarred for life asphyxiated

no admission - 1997 - st 7'' sweden
amazing hc like 80s sweden can make but from the 90s, i know nothing about this band and have never been able to find more info so if you know more about them i wanna read it.

va - mike g mix vol 1 2010 san anto,tx,usa
this is a mix cd my friend mike g made. it is mostly noise, some staticy 2 second songs, some bleepy 20 minute songs. he knows his stuff in this genre so get learned.

disclose - 2005 japan - scarred for life (oakland,ca,usa) split 7''
raw japan punk and crust hc peace from america.

asphyxiated - 2004 - surviving the massacre cd san jose,ca,usa
slightly crusty hc political punk. pro animal, anti capitalist.

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