Thursday, August 19, 2010

let the world die potential violence substandard

let the world die.rar

ok i re uploaded the let the world die rar. and its should work now.
thanks for letting me know it wasn't working.
everyone download this again cuz it rules.

really good crusty hardcore, the members of the band are native americans, i don't see that much but hope to more.

potential violence - 2000something - st demo cdr san antonio,tx

friends of mine playing superb streetpunk, they went on to a reggea influenced punk with usual suspects and now total dancehall dub reggea with vietruse. i love this uk82 best.

substandard - 1999 - consuming need consuming greed 7'' nottingham,uk

a modern classic of hardcore punk and political lyrics.


jimmyC said...

might be an error in the Let The World Die.
keep up the good work son

rayss said...

thanks for the comments. hope you enjoy this great noise.

7inchcrust said...

Indians playing crust..that's interesting :)
and not bad shit all all
thanks Ray

jimmyC said...

got it now. crusty brand of hardcore. its good.