Thursday, September 2, 2010

sinix sic resist and exist hope cunt'n bananaaz secret seven f.p.o.

sinix - 2000something - demo cdr san antonio,tx,usa.rar

more early to mid 2000s san anto street punk, i copied this from my friend all those
years ago cuz i was broke as a jug and couldn;t buy my own for the giant amount of 2 or 3 bux
they cost, oh well. you don;t get cover art or tracklist.

va - virus lp 1988

a great comp but you only get the sic tracks since this sic music is taken from a bootleg cd i got called the jungle hop years.

if anyone knows where i can download this lp in full thanks.
i might have it on tape from a trade years ago but still a download please or a cdr in the mail.

sic - live ep ecocentric records 02-15-1988 shinjuku loft.rar

more from the sic cd

sic - 1988 - rose rose split lp japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this lp in full please i would love it.

sic - 1988 - fearless vampire killers split 7 '' flexi japan

only the sic songs

if you can tell me where to download this 7'' in full i would love you.

resist and exist - 1998 - dare to struggle dare to win 7'' fullerton,ca,usa my vinyl.rar

an old personal fave takes me back to younger days, a friend told me they played my town in 2000 and i heard nothing of it till he mentiond it so i am super sad to know i missed em, he said there wasn;t many people. freaking sucks.

secret seven - 2004 singapore - f.p.o. (macedonia) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

i had to put this, singapore punk yeah.

cunt'n bananaaz (fukuoka,japan) - hope (kyoto,japan) split 7'' my vinyl.rar

two amazing noisy hcgrindpunk

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