Friday, June 24, 2011

desperat - 2011 - demokrati eller diktatur 7'' sweden

this is just a review. its pretty new so buy one, it might be expensice cuz of postage but its worth it. leave a comment if you get word its sold out and ill include it hear for download.

great raw hardcore, among the best in this style around today.
the songs are almost anthemic compared to mob 47 which were very sharp blast of noise.
i don't like that the drum mix is a bit low as it is in almost all recordings, mob 47 always had a loud drum mix and the bass drum was always clear but cannot be heard at all on desperat. the bass drum is overlooked in almost all recordings unless its a break down or death metal and the double bass sound is integral to the style or the moment. i think it is important in all styles especially d beat or what mob 47 played a super fast dbeat i have seen called c beat in honor of chrille the drummer of mob 47 and my personal greatest influence in drumming as i play drums for fun mostly but in a band sometimes.

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