Saturday, September 24, 2011


have you seen the movie matilda? its about a girl with a mean family, the dad is an dishonest car saleman and they neglect her emotionally, she finds someone to help her get away from them, a teacher. she has a brother, in the book he's a regular kid, in the movie he's older and kinda a bully.
have you seen a movie called the professional? its about a girl named mathilda with a mean family except they are junkies and beat her, one day her family is killed by rival drug dealers (including her little brother who is nice and 5 or 6 years old) she finds someone to help her get away from the other drug dealers, a hitman, and together they get revenge for the murder of her little brother.
i have a theory that the professional is an adult version of matilda which is a childrens movie.
both are at the top of my favorite movie list.


crystalina la fea said...

you can do it brucey! go bruce!!!

rayss said...

when hes eating the cake