Monday, October 28, 2013

m p p g r t l r i y

this band is special to my teen years and my love of their music has not diminished.  dark,haunting, poetic, pretty, punk and you can dance to it.  seeing them at chaos was a gas!

thrashing powerful hc with melody. so check it out''_pittsburgh%2Cpa_my_vinyl.rar
classic early 80s Swedish hc, select songs from the demo plus some live tracks. fast,raw and catchy. missbrukarna 
they live are fast,heavey,download here
intense,short. ruination are fast but not as fast,catchy with a bit of melody
protestant are heavy,catchy and kinda depressing. they will get you to nod your head and shake it at the same time. get rad are add a little positive energy to the mix. download it

so this band started all 80s finnish hc style and now got a bit of a rock n roll metal thing going on, actually still kinda sounds like later rattus but less thrashy and more biker metal. crustwar

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