Tuesday, November 12, 2013

c c f k g g

caravels are play emotional indy screamo something kinda music that is just awesome, heavy, melodic and atmospheric. caravels oh yeah, this is a split lp but I didn't like the other band, boring college rock or something.
crow's foot from florida play crusty punk with melody and passion, if you like ballast and bread and water you will like them too and not just cuz they also have a girl singer, really the music in the same vein crow's foot

damage deposit from Minneapolis playing 80s style American hardcore and in top form at that. damage deposit 
kassiopeia from Germany actually sound like their country mates animal bondage,day by day.  melodic crust hardcore political punk kassiopeia
grave good from Amherst,ma got a crooning singer and jangly upbeat guitar, kinda like a mix of later dischord stuff with that famous guy from Manchester who sings about heartbreak. grave goods 1988 7" 


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting damage deposit. i've got that 7" on havoc records and it's rad!. i've been too lazy to make a digital copy though. the 'do damage' 7" by them is also on havoc and worth the $ spent on it if you can find it for sale.

rayss said...

thanks. yeah I do have the do damage 7'' and the demo cdr.i will post them someday when I remember, I might have posted the do damage earlier but it would have been disappeared when my old mf account died.