Saturday, January 11, 2014

ripcord c.r. chris and stephanie downtown noise punker vol 2 a better hope foundation here we stand epajarjestys tocatta y bulla

80s fast political hc from England more songs about
compassionate revolution or c.r. as you see their name on all the releases and flyers . mid 90s hc, extra fast maybe even fastcore, they do an infest cover.  lyrics are personal and mostly positive. discog
chris and Stephanie are like folk punk for lack of a better term.  acoustic guitar, violin, melodic singing, sometimes more folky, sometimes all oldschool country. personal lyrics predicted the whole civil war
downtown noise punker volume 2 a cdr made by mr wanky I think, correct me if im wrong.  noise punk. like 5 bands I think, download it if you like chaos channel and stuff like that. these are all newr bands most awesome like shit box, merciless game, some not so much like chaos destroy,lotus fuker va-downtown noisepunker vol2 cdr
heavy fast melodic catchy the nicest people you will ever meet, they have tourd all over America, south America, se asia, mexico buy bus . check em out a better hope foundation - 2008 - trading heroes for ghost cd
a Korean punk compilation mostly 77 or 82 style from south korea here we stand 3'' cd 1997 korean punk compilation
mid 90s raw crust finland hc just the way it should be . brutal, simple, no frills hc attack epajarjestys - st cd finland 1996
Ecuador power violence political lyrics tocatta & bulla - 3'' cd

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