Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i shot cyrus, krigstanz, paindriver, streetcleaner, thrak

thrak - 2007 - st 7'' homer city,pa,usa
raging fast with some slow parts, short songs remind me of go!

streetcleaner - 2008 - mother curse 7'' austin,tx,usa
fast and short

paindriver - 1997 - the truth is all that matters 7'' cranston,ri,usa
an older release still might be able to get it from
if your lucky cuz they are sadly closing shop so don't hesitate
this is fast hardcore sounds grindy to me but they disagree

i shot cyrus - 2005 (sao paulo,sp,brazil) - kriegstanz (netherlands) split 7''
isc is amazingly heavy fast hc
k is dark and heavy

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jimmyC said...

Kriegstanz played austin once. members of seein red, cathode, the barnhouse effect.
total rulage!
when I saw 'em 2 guitars, 2 bass, 1 drums, 3 vocals
heavy political hardcore punk a must have for all the punks