Saturday, December 5, 2009

bags storm showering

storm the tower - 2002 - st 7'' austin,tx,usa
full on hardcore punk with some melodies a very thich sound this band started with 4 members then went down to three when the singer left and theguitar playertook over. the guitar player also plays drums in severed head of state and was in j church while lance hahn was living in austin,tx before he died. i am pretty sure this is sold out.

showering ashes - beauty at the price of vanity 7'' iowa city,ia,usa
really good emotive crust hardcore check out for some great releases but i think this is gone.

the bags - 2003 - disco's dead 7'' l.a.,ca,usa
one of the first u$a punk bands they and their freinds would make the first punk scene in l.a. before any of them were in bands after being inspired by england and new york watching bands like the damned and sex pistols and the ramones the bags, the germs, wierdos and many more were born. this is a demo take and two live songs, the bags only released one 7" and one or two comp tracks while they existed around 77-80 but dont quote me i am sure there is websited out there to give you better information, or read the interview in the scan, i should just read it again before posting wrong info but ohwell. this was brought to life thanks to and is sold out but you can still get an exact reissue of their 7".

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7inchcrust said...

here is the artwork of Muga-Road to Asuria tape:

credits go to Joachim who scanned the covers (he put the links in Muga's post as reply to your cover request)