Thursday, January 7, 2010

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rot - 2007 brazil - antigama (poland) split 7''
long time brazil grinder rot here, a personal fave, wierd to see them on this label or maybe its not, what do i know anyway. here is some brutal grindy crust.
antigama are also around for a while but not as old as rot, but thats only my knowledge, i could be wrong. they kick booty with two tracks of brutal grind and a bit of technical skills. what i know for sure is this record is great.

the dick spikey - 2003 shiga,japan - bad nasty (nancy,france) split 7''
two bands playing some good street pogo punk two bands singing in bad english.
it should be worth a download to you atleast, to me its priceless. i am happy to have it in my collection.

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