Saturday, January 16, 2010

noisome faugh flight 800 ageha comp lebensreform capitalist casualties the dread

noisome faugh 1999 - flight 800 split 7'' seattle,wa,usa
n f play a mix of slow and heavy and fast and crazy i first heard them on a comp 7'' cant remember which but i really like them
f 8 are almost the same but less slow and more fast i like them too
oh yeah i just noticed i mispelled noisome as niosome so thats gonna be on the rar like that, sorry

cabal - 1998 - st 7'' france,germany
bubbly gruesome vocals crunchy and metallic guitar fast and even catchy

va - ageha 7'' 2000 germany
this is all german bands that play a mix of emotive hardcore and indy punk they are rule it came with a zine but i didnt scan it and its all in german so i cant read it email soren from the now denial to get a copy he might still have some left

lebensreform - 1997 - retor 7'' hamburg,germany
just got this and had to rip it,thanks pope. top notch hardcore, this is what you want on your cdplayer, cassette deck, turntable mp3 player or whatever.

capitalist casualties - 1993 - the dread split 7'' santa rosa,ca,usa
this one is going way back atleast for me i was only 11 when it came out lucky i was able to find it in distros even when i was 15 or 16. c c play hc the dread play a bit of poppy hc. six weeks records number 1.

amen - 1996 helsinki,finland - short hate temper (el paso,tx) split 7''
amen from finland discrust with oi polloi cover s h t is tx hc fast and crazy i love this record.

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