Tuesday, April 6, 2010

redencion 9.11 oxymoron hopeless dregs of humanity ballast

redencion 9.11 - 2001 - 97 - 01 cd chile
awesome punk their name is a refernce to the day ( i am dumb, some time in the 70's i think) military dictator pinochet (with help from the usa government) took over chile, he through out a democratically elected president. it makes no sence why america says they care about democracy and then help to overthrow democracy. the previous president would not sell his peoples safety provide commerce for americas wealthy so they put in someone who would, pinochet was charged with crimes against humanity for killing and torturing people who opposed him, he lived in luxery even after being ousted and died and old age without ever being punished. the band is thoughtful in their lyrics and music, hard driving melodic sometimes always hardcorepunk.

oxymoron - 1997 - the pack is back cd germany
more catchy fun streetpunk.

hopeless dregs of humanity - 2001 - revolutionary rock apocalypse cd new jersey
political punk from nj, i got this cd from my friends at http://www.catchphrazerecords.com who were also 2 members of contravene and now play in a cloud forest. i remember this band from the late 90s from their 7'''s but never got this cd so i am thankful to them.

ballast - 2004 - sound asleep cd montreal,qc,canada

a modern classic. fast heavy hardcore with melody and heart. political lyrics and thoughts. the drummer and singer and first second guitar player are now in preying hands who pickup where ballast left off but add a who lot more melody.


7inchcrust said...

hands down! this is one of the most underrated blogs around and deserves some more attention from everyone.
Ray bring on some crust. cheers!

rayss said...

thanks a bunch, it means a lot.
ray ss