Thursday, September 9, 2010

clockwork cockrock dispose dead vaadat kishut scatha

clockwork cockrock - 2004 - counter fucks demo tape san antonio,tx,usa.rar
this is a band i played drums in. it started under a bridge passing a 40oz around. ashtray who would be the singer said its going counter clockwork, she was buzzed and meant counter clockwise. i said thats a good name for a band counter clockwork. mandee who would play bass said to call it the cockrock fucks. i said how about counter clockwork cockrock fucks. everyone said thats too long so we settled on clockwork cockrock. we made this recordig in my room on an old boombox with elliott on guitar as always and chris m. on bass cuz mandee was absent.

dispose - 2005 - four deadly bomb splinters demo tape

this is a dis band i was in briefly, no shows just this boombox recording.

dead - 2006 - sell the rich demo tape
another short lived band with boom box recording and me in it.

israel punk hxc sang in hebrew, not sure on the year its when i got it and their website says broken up with not much more info.
classic crust at its best


Slobodan Burgher said...

thanks for the cd booklet thing. posted it now.

crystalina la fea said...

luv that story

. said...

Thanks for uploading the clockwork demo. Also, I re-uploaded that ecocide live .rar file twice and it didn't work both times. I dont know whats wrong with it but you could try downloading it from where i got it from