Tuesday, October 20, 2009

titles are stupid

anarcolepsia - demo tape venezuela 2007
amazing female fronted hc punk the tracklist is correct, the inserts are wrong, maybe the cd is like that but the tape that i got has the songs all mixed around. i had a great time listening this over and over and readding the great lyrics while arranging the correct song titles

backslider (philadelphia,pa,usa) - no comply (st. augustine,fl,usa) split tape 2009
advance for split 7''
bs is 90s style pwer violnece
n c is doing what they do since te 90s with their powervilence

backslider - skullfracturing fastcore tape philadelphia,pa,usa 2009
this is some fast hardcore like los crudos with shorter songs 12 in 5 minutes

hatred surge - deconstruct tape austin,tx,usa 2009
boy and girl singers raging hardcore

maladie - st tape tijuana,mexico 2009
super great music hear sung in spanish
emotional and melodic hard and core

mindless - demo tape austin,tx,usa 2008
woman screaming over tough and fast hc

terror y miseria - somos lo ke hacemos para kambiar lo ke somos cd argentina 2004
ultra politcal punk fighting for punk and love in the 3rd world it took me forever
to scan the booklet so download this and read along, if you dont know spanish
learn, i only kno w alittle but friend and internet help to get by


Slobodan Burgher said...

I've translated that Mob 47 interview, check it out! Pretty stupid question but...ha,. fun to read anyway...

CV said...

Thanks for your comments on anarcolepsia!
We got a new web, and we are recording next week!
Visit www.noaguantomas.tk for all the records!