Friday, October 9, 2009

i think these are all splits

charogne stone - fatal nunchaku split 7'' france 2008
two french bands playing fast hc

deathrace (ex svart parad, asocial) - misantropic split 7'' sweden 2009
two swedish bands playing 80s hardcore crust
deathrace freaking rule, listening to them takes me back to when i was first listening to this stuff and it felt really exciting, now i hear new bands of this style and its good even great but i feel like i am better off just listening to the old bands i already have rather than learning the new bands but deathrace dont give me that feeling, no wonder they have experience in the bands that got me into this stuff. it shows in the way they do it better than anyone else out there. too bad they are not around anymore. members still play in other bands like uncurbed and crossing chaos.
and the bands got those websites you know which one
its the website/misantropichardcore

disclose - framtid split 7'' japan 2004
the two best crasher crust from japan
if you like discharge and excrement of war you like this

framtid (japan) - seein red (netherlands) split 7'' 2007
once again top notch heavy distorted crust from framtid in japan
and fast 80s style hc from seeinred in netherlands from people who are all making hc since the 80 and were in legendary noise fast hc larm

nondeskript -human compost split 7'' besancon, france 2007
two crusty bands from france
nondeskript mix heavy crust with pretty sounding epic metal but never slow down they take the cake here
human compost play straight forward heavy heavy crust

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